Zombie War Mod APK 90 (Unlimited Money)
Zombie War Mod APK 90 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie War Mod APK 90 (Unlimited Money)

By CMB - October 23, 2021
Name Zombie War
Version 89
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 116MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Update October 23, 2021 (20 hours ago )

Zombie War throws players into a fantasy world dominated by zombie forces. Swarms of zombies appear all over the world. They have only 1 plot is to eat humans, turn humans into their own kind. The force is extremely large, constantly increasing over time. Constantly harming innocent people. The world is now on the verge of destruction. You will play the role of a lucky survivor, escaping the chase of monsters. Let’s plan the battle, gather the survivors together. Let’s join hands to fight the zombie epidemic. Use guns with great destructive power. When seeing the appearance of swarms of undead on the street. Quickly take out your gun and shoot down all enemies. When you destroy monsters, they will drop extremely useful items and equipment.

Download Zombie War Mod – Do everything to survive the bloodthirsty zombies

The city in Zombie War Mod is inherently very peaceful, economic development activities are extremely stable. However, since the emergence of the zombie epidemic. Then everything seems to be reversed, completely changed. Everyone is always afraid of being attacked by zombies. No one is allowed to leave the house and go out alone. The character that you will play is a guy with special health, different from ordinary people. He is not deformed by the usual bites and scratches of enemies. However, the defense and health will be limited. Please pay attention to the amount of health that the character is still displayed on the left corner of the screen. If it is too low, use the HP pot to heal, ensure the vitality to be able to continue fighting. Between players can challenge each other, compare skills, compete for the position of dominance in the game.

Zombie War mod apk

Various weapon systems

Zombie War Mod has a really diverse arsenal of weapons. Many modern, advanced, and most powerful guns in the world are included in this gameplay. I can name some specialized types, used by many players in wars such as cannons, laser guns, Ak47s, laser energy guns, etc. Each type has its own characteristics and features. When zombies appear too crowded with close distance. You need to use a light gun but the attack power must be large. To be able to both move to create a safe distance and shoot down enemies. Depending on the situation of the match, choose the appropriate weapon to destroy all zombies.

Game Zombie War mod

Game mode

Zombie War Mod has an unreal game mode that is too rich. There are only 2 main modes for players to experience. Includes: Auto and PvP mode. When you are new to the game, to get used to and understand the gameplay better, choose an automatic match. In this mode, there will be a battle against the boss. The difficulty you can customize to suit you. After a period of getting used to, understanding the gameplay and features, then come to PvP fighting matches. Compete with other players around the world. The prize for the winner is extremely valuable.

Zombie War mod apk

Rich mission system

Zombie War Mod has more than 100 main missions for players to challenge themselves. Show your talent in completing the assigned system tasks. The reward that you receive after each match will depend on the completion time. Try to finish before the allotted system time. You will receive the most valuable gifts. Each mission will have its own challenges and difficulties. You need a specific strategy and plan to conquer all. Especially when facing a large number of enemies, it is necessary to have a reasonable way to defeat them.

Collect gems, gold coins

During the battle, when you destroy the enemy, you will see items drop on them. It can be gems or coins that are absolutely necessary for your upcoming battle. When you see them, collect them all. In battle, you can’t help but use gems. The purchase of items such as HP tank, running shoes, ammunition, etc. All need gems to be able to own the types they need. Coins are used to buy weapons and equipment for characters. Any type is very important, so when you see gems and coins appear in the match, collect them all.

Game Zombie War mod hack

Zombie War opens up the future of the world falling into the apocalypse. Faced with the danger of perishing before an extremely dangerous zombie epidemic. You are mankind’s last hope. Try, do your best to fight. Overcoming all difficulties and challenges, smashing the rampant zombie outbreaks. Don’t give them a chance to harm any more citizens. Download Zombie War Mod to challenge your shooting talent to kill zombies.

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