Zombie Night Terror Mod APK 1.5 (Unlocked)
Zombie Night Terror Mod APK 1.5 (Unlocked)

Zombie Night Terror Mod APK 1.5 (Unlocked)

By DTQ - March 12, 2022
Name Zombie Night Terror
Version 1.5
MOD Features Unlock
Size 51MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Plug in Digital
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

For the classic zombie game, players often join the mission to destroy zombies to protect the safety of the world. But Zombie Night Terror has brought a completely new experience. When you will transform into a leader who controls the undead to destroy the earth. Remove humanity from the planet, make it lifeless. Bloodthirsty parties in the dark night create chilling horror. But it’s exciting and stimulating for gamers who like thrills. In your hands is a large team of zombies with strong attack power. However, people with intelligence and resilient fighting always have a cup to resist. Countless traps large and small were placed along the way. Careful observation is required to pass. Moreover, the gameplay opens up many different levels, corresponding to the increasing level. Give yourself a strategy when participating to increase the effectiveness of the battle. Make the earth go crazy.

Download Zombie Night Terror Mod – Control an army of undead to destroy humanity

The number of zombies is quite large. However, they are a bit stupid because they are only a zombie. Don’t know how to navigate. When a teammate dies, only one left will automatically turn around to fall into the traps set by humans. Therefore, the player needs to control the opening of good paths for them. Avoid hidden traps. In Zombie Night Terror mod includes 40 levels for gamers to freely conquer and fight. Passing a stage shows that the day of the destruction of the earth will be closer. Puzzles are scattered throughout all levels. It takes careful thought to find the most accurate answer.

Game Zombie Night Terror mod


Humans have brains that work intelligently, there are countless ways to fight back. And the zombies only know how to move forward slowly. Therefore, players need to come up with a strategy. Control the army to avoid dangerous traps set. Not only that, during the implementation, you also have to solve those difficult questions to be able to go through the door to other places. When reaching a high level, humanity will become more resilient. They use the most optimal weapons to fight the undead. Game levels become a lot more difficult. But as long as you have skillful ways to handle the situation, you will definitely win.

Zombie Night Terror mod apk

Army Upgrade

The level of the game will increase as you get to a higher level. Therefore, the zombie army needs to be upgraded with other skills to increase combat power. Zombie Night Terror provides a unique genetic system for zombies. From a stupid slow little guy. Make them crazier, fast speed, a huge amount of health, etc…. With such power, they can quickly break through human defenses. It is also possible to create a new type separately. Taking advantage of those makes the fight more dramatic. Destroy the enemy quickly.


Zombie Night Terror has brought a new breeze. When players do not side with the light protect the world from doom. Your mission is to control the zombies that destroy the planet. Human extinction. Remember that zombies need the energy to work. People are setting traps and hiding everywhere, need to search every corner, not spare anyone. Lead them into bloody battles. With magical power and a large army, it is certain that those bloodthirsty people will turn the earth into darkness, losing a life.

Zombie Night Terror mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Zombie Night Terror are average. There is only a simple 3 main color combinations: black, white, and red. However, the gameplay still scores points in the eyes of players because of the easy-to-see image. Suitable for the context that the game gives. A world darkened by destruction and destruction. Red blood when fighting sprayed in the middle of the gray sky increased the horror level in the game. Players will be participating in the experience of the battles of the apocalypse of the earth. The background music is not too loud, but only the sound of the wind howling in the quiet night. Sometimes it will be the sound of gunfire, the screams of people standing in front of the zombies.

Game Zombie Night Terror mod hack

With the new gameplay Zombie Night, Terror has brought gamers many interesting things. The position of the incarnation of the character is quite special. Help you experience becoming a commander of the army of the zombie horror. On a mission to destroy the earth, extinction of humanity. If you are ready to enter the bloody battle in the night. Then download the gameplay right away to start discovering the unique features that this game brings.

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