ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod APK 1.35.0 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)
ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod APK 1.35.0 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod APK 1.35.0 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 4, 2022
Name ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games
Version 1.35.0
MOD Features God Mode, Unlimited Money
Size 143MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod is one of the attractive offline shooting games. The game is designed by the developer with open gameplay, between the corpses and the post-apocalyptic world. You are the only survivor of the virus pandemic outbreak. However, in a cruel world, the appearance of zombies is everywhere. You need to survive by fighting. Use a sniper rifle or any other weapon. Actively attack zombies before being surrounded. Adventure in the vast city, move to every corner to fight. Even your fight takes place on the highways. With a ruined background, almost destroyed. All are designed on a realistic 3D simulator. Make you feel like you are fighting in real life.

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod – Survival War After the Apocalypse

The future world in 2080. The outbreak of a virus pandemic has almost destroyed humanity. Zombies appear, leading to death. They attack life and are constantly searching for a target. Regardless of whether a person or an animal has life, when attacked by a zombie, it will become a zombie. Moreover, they also spread epidemics everywhere, causing the world to fall into a post-apocalyptic period. A desolate scene, high-rise buildings dilapidated. The road is full of zombies, and the destruction they bring. Vehicles and houses are now a pile of scrap, devoid of human life. You are the lucky one to survive the pandemic. But post-apocalyptic life isn’t easy. The zombie’s smell life, they attack to take your life. Now you have to fight the zombies with powerful guns.Download ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod

Use assault guns, flexible combat skills

Your mission in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod is to fight the zombies. Using the gun in your hand, you begin to enter the fierce carnage. Shoot the most accurate deadly bullets, destroy all zombies to win. In that fight, combat skills and observation are one of the factors that help you defeat the target. Combine smart tactics in each battle. Make effective use of the terrain and surroundings to serve as cannon fodder. Move flexibly on the battlefield to dodge attacks from enemies. Aim accurately and stick a lead bullet on the enemy. Takedown each zombie in turn in the battle. At the same time preserve your life and win. From there you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.Game ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod

Focus on fighting, defeat the zombie boss

In the war of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod the appearance of zombies will put you in danger. They can appear anytime and anywhere. Just small negligence or loss of concentration, you will pay the price. Even had to trade with his life for his mistake. Not only that, there are many different types of zombies. The difference in appearance and status leads to the difference in the danger of each zombie. What’s more, sometimes you will fight the final boss. Possessing large size, scary appearance. Especially the ability to fight and the amount of durable blood. Makes you very hard to beat. Without the right strategy or poor shooting skills, you will lose your life.Tai ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod

Combat Weapon System

For a shooting game like ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod. Owning a diverse weapon system will help players not get bored. Lots of different guns to choose from such as sniper rifles, pistols, rifles, machine guns. Even bows and arrows and many other types of guns are waiting for you to discover. Each gun has different uses, depending on your style to choose from. Using a favorite gun will help you increase the excitement in the battles. At the same time, with just one touch, you can fire bullets at the enemy. Make them lose their lives to deadly bullets.ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod

Besides equipping yourself with powerful guns, have great damage. Players also have to upgrade and build bases. Because the war of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod takes place extremely fiercely. The base not only helps you protect your life, but also provides food, water, and resources. And a lot of important items to assist you in the battles with zombies. Use the money accumulated after winning matches. Upgrade your base to be provided with more things. At the same time help you overcome the difficult time in the battle for survival.

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