Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK 0.91 (Unlimited Money)
Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK 0.91 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK 0.91 (Unlimited Money)

By thetoan - January 12, 2022
Name Zombie Hospital Tycoon
Version 0.91
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 112M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Hot Siberians
Update January 12, 2022 (1 week ago )

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod is an idle simulation game where you can become a zombie hospital tycoon. Join the game, your task is to build and develop the most unique business model, which is to cure zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. Now, the epidemic has passed and its consequences are gradually being overcome. Scientists have discovered a new drug that can turn zombies back into normal people. But they need a place good enough to manage all the cured zombies. So you have received money from the government and officially become the boss, the manager of the idle zombie hospital. So let’s see what you can do here.

Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod – Manage your hospital your way

If you already understood the plot of the game through the initial introduction, you are probably ready to enjoy it now on your phone. Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a great game with simple simulation gameplay and idle control mechanics. So you don’t have to do too much, but you still have fun. It brings new content that you may not have played before, but you can approach the game from the first time. Just tap on the screen to build, upgrade, hire employees, manage zombies… But to play well, you need smart and subtle strategies.


Build everything from scratch

Starting your experience in Zombie Hospital Tycoon, you will have nothing but a small clinic. Besides, equipment, medicine, machinery … are very limited, but the number of zombies coming to cure diseases is increasing. Therefore, to meet the demand, players need to develop the hospital model over time, from a small clinic to the largest medical center in the region. Now, zombies are no longer the ones that haunt humanity but beware of these pathogens. So not only cure the disease, you need to manage all the patients to protect the world from infection again.

Let’s start building clinics specifically for different types of patients. Next are the laboratories, where research, manufacture, and production of therapeutic drugs. Besides, you can also build utility rooms such as dining room, bedroom, toilet, and entertainment area. Shop and put the necessary equipment into the rooms, such as tables, chairs, TVs, and even guitars. Your patients need space and time to relax to defeat their inner monsters. So maybe you need to pay more attention to creating playgrounds besides clinics.

Find ways to prevent the spread of diseases

You know, zombies are not easy to subdue themselves to accept treatment at your hospital. Some zombies with high levels of infection can resist and even bite medical staff. So keep track of each patient’s health, categorize them into separate areas and hire more psychologists. Do not forget to add the right treatment and recreation regimens to improve their health indicators.

Besides, please pay attention to cleaning every corner of the hospital. Don’t let the stains from the disease spread more and destroy what you have worked so hard to build in Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod. To make sure everything is done to the best, you should hire more staff for each process in the hospital. They can be medical staff, doctors, drug researchers, cleaning staff… They play an important role in managing zombie clinics and patients. But consider hiring people with good performance stats and giving them the right salary. You have the right to hire or fire someone depending on your strategy.


The friendly and vivid graphic quality

Although not possessing a very advanced graphic background, Zombie Hospital Tycoon still impresses with its lively cartoon design style. It creates a feeling of closeness for all types of players, thereby attracting many loyal gamers. The images in the game from the background to the characters and constructions all look very realistic. They come in a variety of eye-catching colors, bringing everything to life from a top-down third-person perspective. Besides, the background system and characters are very rich. You can find settings like clinics, amusement parks, parks, and more. As for the characters, each of them has a different design, contributing to the variety of game content.

Finally, we would like to say that Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod is a great game. With idle mechanics, gamers don’t need to do much, simply tap the screen to build, manage, and control their experience. However, with rich game content, the game will give you a perfect simulation experience where you become a boss of the zombie hospital model. It’s something new and exciting, isn’t it?

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