Zombie Frontier 4 Mod APK 1.2.5 (Immortal)
Zombie Frontier 4 Mod APK 1.2.5 (Immortal)

Zombie Frontier 4 Mod APK 1.2.5 (Immortal)

By CBCC - December 31, 2021
Name Zombie Frontier 4: FPS Sniper
Version 1.2.5
MOD Features Immortal
Size 335MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher FT Games
Update December 31, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Zombie Frontier 4 Mod is the latest version in the series of zombie fighting games by FT Games. This is the fourth part, opening up a fierce battle in the first-person perspective. Following the previous versions, the game continues to open up a post-apocalyptic world. With the appearance of countless zombies, scary monsters. As a gunman, you will have to destroy all of them to protect yourself. At the same time save the world from the invasion of Zombies. In this version, the game has added many new features. From graphics, sound, to more attractive game modes. Many different places for you to explore. As well as diverse weapon systems, it is possible to use one suitable for strategic deployment. Change the attack style to be more effective in the fight.

Download Zombie Frontier 4 Mod – Scary Zombie Shooting Battle

As soon as entering the open world of Zombie Frontier 4 Mod. You can easily see the cruel setting of the post-apocalyptic world. Landscapes, buildings, as well as human civilization, were almost destroyed. Everything is reproduced on a sharp 3D background. High-quality images, carefully polished and detailed. Create an extremely realistic disaster scene. Not stopping there, the effect of the game is also quite impressive. Lighting effects are shown through each gun when firing. Effect of bloodshot from zombies. Combine dynamic character movements, in a very realistic first-person perspective. Besides, the sound is expressed through gunfire. The sound of the zombies screamed as they appeared and rushed to attack. Based on the above factors, helped the game create a very realistic post-apocalyptic setting.Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Quests take place at different locations

The mission system of Zombie Frontier 4 Mod is extremely diverse. Each mission takes place in a battle in a different location. From locations in the city to desert areas, cold ice, and snow. Or prisons, hospitals, factories, etc., and more. Each location is a fierce battlefield. Where you will have to fight against a large number of zombies and monsters. Overcome each challenge in turn, destroying all enemies in one battle. You will continue to step into a new location, with more dramatic battles. At the same time, each level increases gradually. The difficulty of the game is also changed. It gets harder every time you step into a new level of play. Not only the number of zombies and monsters increase. And their fighting ability is also superior to before.Game Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

First-person perspective, combat skills

During the wars of Zombie Frontier 4 Mod. Your enemies appear everywhere on the battlefield. From the first-person perspective, you can see everything easily. Take advantage of that, as soon as the zombies appear. Be quick to use the equipped gun to attack. Continuous bullets at them to destroy. Simultaneously combine the combat skills of a professional shooter. Move flexibly on the battlefield, avoid being surrounded by zombies. Choose the best positions to attack, create your own advantage. Along with that, you also have to continuously improve your shooting skills. Fire bullets accurately at locations on the enemy’s body. Constantly gaining more experience from previous battles. Enhance your ability to get better performance.Download Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Gun system

Changing your fighting style will sometimes help you get better in battle. Through the guns provided by Zombie Frontier 4 Mod. Typically such as automatic rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, etc., there are many other unique guns. Choose guns that suit your own playstyle. Use them in the next battles. Will help you to be more effective when you can destroy many enemies. Each gun has its own unique ability. Thoroughly learn each gun type, feature, and working mechanism. Will help you maximize their power in battles. For example, sniper rifles do not have high mobility, but long-range attacks are very effective. Or automatic rifles, with maneuverability. Can continuously fire bullets for a short time.Tai Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Throughout the battles taking place in Zombie Frontier 4 Mod. You will face many different enemies. Scary zombies, they can hide anywhere. Fierce dogs, tentacle zombies, fat zombies. Or Roadblockers, Chargers, Lickers… there are many other mutant zombies. The appearance of zombies is very scary, their abilities are not the same. Each type of zombie has its own damage tolerance. Ordinary zombies can be easily destroyed. However, the mutant zombies can withstand many rounds of bullets from you. At the same time, their movement speed is also very fast.

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