Zombie Defense Mod APK 12.8.7 (God Mode, One Hit)
Zombie Defense Mod APK 12.8.7 (God Mode, One Hit)

Zombie Defense Mod APK 12.8.7 (God Mode, One Hit)

By CBCC - April 27, 2022
Name Zombie Defense
Version 12.8.7
MOD Features God Mode, One Hit
Size 47MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Home Net Games
Update April 27, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Zombie Defense Mod opens an attractive Zombie defense war. With interesting content about the fantasy story of the post-apocalyptic world. Along with countless challenges are waiting for you ahead. The gameplay is designed based on the strategy game genre. You are not directly involved in the battle. Instead, a strategist, tasked with assisting survivors. Help them attack to stop the scary Zombie invasion. The game is in the category of strategy games, combined with action elements. You can manage and decide everything in the course of the war. Even more interesting, is when the developer offers a wide range of features. From customizing graphics, sound as you like. Until the diverse mission system, many types of zombies have to face.

Download Zombie Defense Mod – Lead Units In Defense War To Stop Zombie

Zombie Defense Mod’s fantasy story unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world. According to statistics, in the past, more than 100 billion people lost their lives. Currently, the entire population of the world consists of 7 billion people. A terrifying fantasy about people lost in the past comes to life. But they are no longer ordinary people. Instead, a zombie moves and attacks any life. In order for human civilization, as well as human life in the world, to exist. They will have to fight to stop the invasion of the zombies. Through the defensive shooting war. A large-scale battle unfolds with the gathering of many different components. The survivors, along with the armed forces of the army will fight the Zombie together.Tai Zombie Defense Mod

46 missions, increasing difficulty

The gameplay of Zombie Defense Mod takes place at each level. With more than 46 missions opened in defensive battles. Your mission is to stop the zombies. Through leading units to attack. Kill all zombies before they kill them. From there it is possible to end the battle, complete the defense mission. After entering the new battle, in the next mission. More zombies appeared than before. Their abilities are also increased. The stamina is superior, making it difficult for minions. There are even new zombies appearing. Make the difficulty of the task even more difficult. Requires your team leadership skills. Constantly changing tactics, through moving units of soldiers. Cause the entire zombie force to be destroyed.Download Zombie Defense Mod

Moving position means of attack

During the defense war of Zombie Defense Mod. Soldiers are equipped with guns as offensive weapons. At the same time can only move in fixed positions. Through the glowing circles arranged by the system. Depending on the mission in each battle involved, the position will be changed. Observe the appearance of zombies in all directions. You can move troops to other locations. In addition, attack means can also be used. Crush zombies with heavy vehicles activate lasers with turrets. Throw a grenade to create an explosion within a certain range. It is even possible to launch a large-scale air raid. Causes all zombies appearing in a large area to lose health. From there will successfully prevent their invasion attacks.Game Zombie Defense Mod

22 units of soldiers, many types of Zombies

Currently, Zombie Defense Mod has 22 units of soldiers. They are all current armed shooters. Typical as sniper rifles, shotguns, long guns, etc. Through the money received each time you kill Zombies in battle. You can recruit more soldiers to increase your win rate. As well as improving the strategy to be more effective. Besides the defensive units, go through the missions in the wars. You will meet a lot of different enemies. They are all scary zombies. With 8 types of basic enemies such as creatures, predators, zombie birds, … Especially, there are 2 types of mutant Zombie bosses. Possessing huge size, with a huge amount of blood. Outstanding defense stats, withstand many bullets from minions.Zombie Defense Mod

A series of attractive game modes are provided by Zombie Defense Mod. With 4 regular difficulty modes, tv challenge, nightmare, and 3 player challenge. There is also a special challenge mode. Infinite mode, providing endless excitement, satisfy even the most demanding players. Each mode opens up the battle according to its own gameplay. Along with the terrain of the environment will be changed every time you enter a new defensive battle. Besides, the game also allows you to play again after the mission fails. Through it is also possible to earn more bonuses and achieve better achievements.

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