Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)
Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)

Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod APK 1.2 (God Mode)

By CBCC - March 23, 2022
Name Zombie Deadly Rush FPS
Version 1.2
MOD Features God Mode
Size 62MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Coolscape Games
Update March 23, 2022 (2 months ago )

Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod is an offline Zombie shooting game. Open up intense battles between you and the zombies. In an apocalyptic setting with death spreading across the world. Those lucky enough to survive had no choice but to fight. Only when the Zombies are destroyed can they survive. Based on the doomsday storyline, the gameplay will take place in levels. What’s more, you will never get bored when participating. Although played in offline mode, the game offers a wide range of features. High-quality sound effects. Vivid 3D graphics, reproducing realistic environments. The appearance of many scary zombies, especially boss Zombies. This makes the battle even more dramatic.

Download Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod – Survive Before Massive Attacks From Zombies

The battles of Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod are based on the apocalyptic plot. With survival gameplay, combining action shooting. The battle takes place at each level of the game gradually. Each level opens up an extremely fierce battle. Playing the role of a gunman, you will have to fend off the onslaught of zombies. They will rush to take the lives of the survivors. Kill each zombie in turn to survive. Also face the giant Zombie boss in the final stage. After shooting them all down, the battle will be over, the mission is complete. The rewards received will be in proportion to the achievements. It is possible to continue entering the war at a new level. Face the arrival of more fearsome Zombies. The larger the number of increments, the more difficult the challenge.Ear Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Open gameplay, unlimited ammo

Based on the open gameplay of Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. During the survival battles of each level. From the first-person perspective, it will bring a wide viewing angle. You can equip two different guns. Depending on the situation taking place in the battle, it can be flexibly changed to attack effectively. At the same time can move freely to fight in his own style. Besides, each level will require defeating a sufficient number of Zombies. Use equipped weapons to attack. Although ammo is not limited, can fire continuously to destroy. But the number of bullets in the gun’s magazine will have a certain limit. Each time it is used up, it will take a short time to change the magazine. Then can continue to fight for survival.Download Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Flexible skills

Fierce competition in the battles of Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. Before the wave of fierce attacks from bloodthirsty Zombies. You have no support from teammates, nor an alliance. Instead, you will have to mobilize yourself, alone against all zombies. To be able to destroy them, shoot down the giant Zombie boss. Possessing a large amount of health and superior strength. Requires your fighting skills and survival experience. Shooting is accurate, combined with agile observation. As soon as Zombies appear, quickly fire bullets to destroy them. At the same time can combine attack and move. Continuous shooting to defeat the boss. Make sure the blood is not depleted. Maintain life until all enemies are destroyed. From there can complete the task with excellent achievement.Game Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Combat gun system

Guns are the main weapon used in the battles in Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod. The publisher provides a diverse gun system. Includes a variety of guns with different attack styles. Typically MP5, KA 5C, AK 47 guns, and a few other guns. The power of each gun is shown through the parameters. Includes damage dealt with enemies, rate of fire. Gun accuracy and size. However, you cannot choose your favorite gun for free. Instead will have to buy them with gold coins. Through previously completed battles. Accumulate a corresponding amount. Then you can unlock your favorite gun to participate in the next battle. That will help you attack more effectively.Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod

Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy, in a dark space. Along with the ruins of the constructions. The environment in Zombie Deadly Rush FPS Mod is reproduced very realistically. Thanks to the graphics built on the 3D platform. Zombies are designed to look scary. Their movements reproduced very impressively. Shown by moving and when being destroyed. Combine unique shooting effects. The tip of the gun burns every time you fire. Creates a very real feeling. Besides, to increase the experience for players. The sound quality is reproduced very realistically. Movement sounds, shooting sounds are changed to match the situation.

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