Z Champions Mod APK 1.5.395 (Unlimited Money)
Z Champions Mod APK 1.5.395 (Unlimited Money)

Z Champions Mod APK 1.5.395 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 14, 2022
Name Z Champions
Version 1.5.395
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 45MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Sansonight
Update March 14, 2022 (4 months ago )

Z Champions Mod opens attractive fighting matches. Revolving around the heroes inspired by the Manga, Anime in Dragon Ball Z. Will bring you the feeling of returning to your childhood in live matches. With a series of unique features, provided by Sansonight. Graphics are quite simple, image quality in the form of 2D Pixel. But carefully invested in the attack effect, every time when performing skills. Diverse character system, many characters possessing different powers. Attractive game mode, taking place the battles in many separate playstyles. Along with that is the fierce competition between the two heroes in the match. In addition, the control mechanism is designed in great detail. The skills, navigation, and movement are shown through virtual arrow keys and featured icons.

Download Z Champions Mod – Battle Between Heroes

The character system of Z Champions Mod is based on the Manga Dragon Ball Z movie. More than 37 characters are provided. Such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Ma Bu, Cell, Piccolo, etc. They are all heroes, possessing different powers. Bring your own fighting style, with powerful skill attacks. Along with the advantages of each character, there are also disadvantages. Through battles, or role-play as heroes to fight. From there can learn their ability to hone the experience. Besides, each character is designed with an impressive appearance. With their own unique costumes, you can choose. It the quite an interesting feature in the character system. It is the heroes that are not unlocked. You will have to rely on your skills to be able to unlock each hero in turn.Tai Z Champions Mod

Perform skills

Each match in Z Champions Mod is played in real-time. Revolving around the confrontation between two heroes. Here, you will have to show your skills to attack the opponent. Adopts a carefully built control system. Can perform skills such as palm shot, power explosion, energy storage, defense, normal attack. In parallel, there are virtual arrow keys, used to navigate the character’s movement. Can perform actions to jump up, move left, right, cross jump. Your mission is to flexibly combine skills in the process of fighting. Attack accurately to cause the opponent to take damage. The match goes on until one of the heroes is completely defeated. There was no strength left to continue the battle. The remaining hero will win.Z Champions Mod

Energy, note

During the matches of Z Champions Mod. Every time you perform a skill, you will consume energy. You need to be careful to be able to use skills effectively. Mana will be gradually restored each time the attack hits an opponent. Or through the ability to store energy to recover more. However, when using the skill to heal. There will be a huge downside, making you very vulnerable to attacks. Because in the process, the hero will not be able to defend or take another action. However, based on skills honed in previous matches. You can quickly switch to a defensive stance when your opponent attacks. It is also possible to use special powers when the energy is at its maximum. Deals a large amount of damage, causing the opponent’s health to decrease significantly.Download Z Champions Mod

Game mode

Coming to Z Champions Mod you can participate in three game modes. Includes online players, training, and survival. Each mode takes place in 1vs1 fighting matches. But carry different gameplay and rules. In training mode, you can improve and enhance skills with another hero. Driven by intelligent AI technology. After mastering the skills, do it flexibly. Can challenge yourself in online player mode. Here, you will compete with another player in real-time to find the winner. In addition, the survival mode requires very high skills. You will have to fight non-stop with many opponents in each match. Beat them in turn to win. From there it is possible to establish excellent achievements.Game Z Champions Mod

As introduced earlier, the graphics of the Z Champions Mod are quite simple. Just built on simple 2D graphics. However, the effect of the game is extremely impressive. Every time performs skills to attack the opponent. The lighting effects of each move are reproduced very nicely. Makes you feel a fierce battle going on. Not stopping there, the context opens up in many environments. With 22 different contexts taking place in battles. All are inspired by the movie Dragon Ball Z. Combine sound in fighting matches. With fun background music, mixed with the sound of the character when attacking.

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