YOYO Doll APK 2.1.6
YOYO Doll APK 2.1.6

YOYO Doll APK 2.1.6

By CBCC - January 4, 2022
Name YOYO Doll: dress up game
Version 2.0.5
Size 48MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher YoYo Dress Up Games
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

YOYO Doll Mod is a royal dress-up game. As a designer, you can customize your character in many impressive styles. Your subject in the design process is the doll. Along with the task of creating the doll’s wallpaper. Design a photo that matches the doll’s outfit and the background image. This is an offline game, belonging to the Casual game genre. You can play games to your heart’s content without being connected to the Internet. After downloading the game, you can experience it. In particular, everything in the game is provided for 100% free. You won’t have to pay any fees to unlock new content or themes.

Download YOYO Doll Mod – Immerse yourself in the Extremely Vivid Fashion World

Before starting to design dolls in the game YOYO Doll Mod. You can choose the type of doll you like. Male or female doll, depending on your wishes. Each type of doll will have its own design style. As well as the options in the design process are not the same. Besides the design task, you also have to do a lot of other work. Transform your character’s actions, create backgrounds and avatars. There are many different designs for you to customize. Everything is based on your imagination and fashion design ability. Over design time, you will discover and learn many different styles of design. At the same time, constantly improve design skills. Gain more experience to be able to design characters in an impressive style.YOYO Doll Mod

Customize the character to match the theme

To create a vivid photo in YOYO Doll Mod. Besides designing the doll, you also have to create a suitable background image. Here, the game provides a lot of wallpaper themes for you to explore. Go to parties in posh places, have fun on the beautiful beach, walk the streets. In particular, you can bring the character to participate in the Halloween carnival, with an impressive style. Immerse yourself in the terrifying backdrop of the carnival. Each background image, doll needs to have its own fashion style, suitable for the theme of the photo. For example, the theme of walking on the street, the doll can wear a sports outfit. Along with a face that carries a happy, energetic expression. Or the theme of the Halloween festival. You can design vampire-style costumes. Incorporate a pumpkin or horn on top.Download YOYO Doll Mod

Lots of options to design dolls

Coming to YOYO Doll Mod you can design your own style of doll character. By customizing options during the design process. Customize the color of the face, mouth, eyebrows, eye style, hairstyle. And a selection of tops, pants, shoes, fashion accessories, and hats. Each option in the game has many different types for you to design. For example face, you can choose the expression, the shade on the character’s face. Happy, sad, happy, and much more. Or fashion accessories, here, you can choose from a lot of things. Can decorate the doll character to look more stylish. For example, wearing a pair of glasses, or a heart symbol on the lips. In general, each option has a lot of options for you to use. Explore to design an impressive doll character with looks.Tai YOYO Doll Mod

Wallpaper Theme Design

In YOYO Doll Mod there are 4 options for you to create a background image theme. Includes background colors, animals and objects, fonts, special characters, and numbers. Each option can choose many different things for you to decorate. In particular, the background is the main factor for you to choose accordingly. At the background option, you can choose from beach, indoor, neighborhood, or those with icons. Then based on your chosen background. Continue to design options to match the background. For example in the neighborhood, it is possible to add some surrounding objects, along with the appearance of pets. From there, you will create an extremely beautiful photo.Game YOYO Doll Mod

Graphics of YOYO Doll Mod built based on cartoon style. With a character designed in the form of a doll. However, the colors in the game are designed to be very vivid. Especially the themes, the costumes, and the pets. Along with other options for you to design. Everything is depicted in an impressive area. Combined with gentle sound quality, with fun music melodies. Played throughout the game. Make you feel relaxed and happy during the experience.

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