Wrestling Empire Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlocked VIP)

By CBCC - September 21, 2021
Wrestling Empire Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlocked VIP)
Name Wrestling Empire
Version 1.2.8
MOD Features Unlocked VIP
Size 111MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher MDickie
Update September 21, 2021 (7 days ago )

Wrestling Empire Mod is a sports game. Be inspired by each famous wrestling sport in the world. Among the boxers competing in the ring, and thousands of spectators watching the match in the stands. Join the game provided by the developer MDickie. You become a boxer, with a muscular, muscular body. Your task is to defeat your opponent in the ring. Use all the skills of a boxer, causing the opponent to lose. Win in front of everyone around the stands. Take turns defeating all opponents, you will become a professional boxer. At the same time, outline a separate direction for career development. From there, you will not have regrets after retiring from your martial arts career.

Download Wrestling Empire Mod – Battle Of Wrestlers

Each match of the game Wrestling Empire Mod is played in real-time. You control your boxer to compete with another boxer in the ring. Show off the skills and experience of a professional boxer. Attack the opponent with attacks, objects to make the opponent lose blood. The match lasts until the time is up, or when you make the opponent unable to get up to continue playing. Your opponents are professional boxers. Possesses strong muscular strength, as well as excellent physical strength and wrestling skills. So you need to constantly improve your wrestling skills. Observe the opponent’s actions, handle dangerous situations flexibly. Beat your opponents and win convincingly.Tai Wrestling Empire Mod

Use skills to defeat your opponent

During Wrestling Empire Mod’s wrestling match. Your boxer can perform many different skills. From hand punches, attack directly to the opponent’s face. Wrestling opponents with powerful lunges. You can even use the power of the boxer’s legs, kick and knock your opponent off the floor. Or take advantage of the ring, relying on the surrounding ropes to create propulsion. Rushing directly at the opponent, causing them to be thrown far away. And there are many other wrestling skills waiting for you to perform. Each skill when performed correctly will cause the opponent to lose health. Continuously attacking the opponent with the boxer’s attacks will cause the opponent to fall to the floor. Then you will be the winner in this dramatic wrestling match.Game Wrestling Empire Mod


The referee in Wrestling Empire Mod is the main moderator in the match between you and your opponent. They will take timely intervention actions to make the match take place in the most balanced way. At the same time, make sure the boxers are in the process of competing without interruption. Because sometimes there will be some situations where the person holding the sign rushes to the ring. With the intention of attacking the boxer and interrupting the match. Therefore, the presence of an arbitrator is a very important factor. Help your match take place in the safest and most balanced way. For example, you knock your opponent over and try to attack while the opponent is lying down. The referee will rush in to get the two fighters out of that conflict and continue the fight.Download Wrestling Empire Mod

More than 350 martial artists

More than 350 boxers with muscular body, and strong wrestling ability for you to challenge yourself. Beat them with wrestling skills to win. Continue to move to the next match, your opponent will be stronger than before. From strength to skills are increased. If you want to win, you need to constantly hone and improve your wrestling skills. Continue your career by conquering each opponent.

Use the money to upgrade skills

Each match after the end, the player will receive a bonus. Depends on the opponent and the achievement achieved in the match. The amount you receive corresponds to that achievement. After that, you can upgrade your fighter’s skills. Increase wrestling ability, help boxers perform many different skills in the match. Causes the opponent to lose a large amount of health, unable to stand.Wrestling Empire Mod

The graphics of Wrestling Empire Mod are built to live. The actions of the boxers in the ring are made very realistic. From moves, punches, grappling to the intervention of the referee. Along with the background around the ring, the audience is recreated very realistically. Combining quality sound, expressed through the cheers and cheers of the audience. With actions when martial artists perform skills. Make you feel more stimulated and excited during the match.

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