World of Microbes Mod APK 0.2.16 (Unlimited Money)
World of Microbes Mod APK 0.2.16 (Unlimited Money)

World of Microbes Mod APK 0.2.16 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 18, 2022
Name World of Microbes: Spore Species Evolution
Version 0.2.16
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 111MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Criss Cross Games
Update March 18, 2022 (2 months ago )

World of Microbes Mod gives players a whole new experience. The game belongs to the action game genre. Open up extremely interesting underwater matches. Revolving around bacteria that are looking for ways to develop themselves. Incorporating vivid 3D graphics, the bacterial environment is reproduced through the microscope. Along with a series of unique features. Players can customize the bacteria to their own style. Matches take place according to the rule of kill or are killed. Along with competitive game mode and Battle Royale mode. Moreover, the matches in the game take place freely. You can control bacteria to move in an open space. Fight other bacteria in hundreds of different missions. Beat them to win.

Download World of Microbes Mod – Control Bacteria To Survive In An Open Environment

The control interface of the World of Microbes Mod is designed quite simply. Help players can easily navigate, move, as well as attack. The game is developed by a Criss Cross Games developer using the Joystick virtual joystick. Shown in the left corner of the screen, with the bacteria movement navigation feature. Just touch, hold and swipe to control the bacteria to move anywhere. Likewise, the right side of the screen shows skills as icons. The skills will correspond to the part that is attached to the bacteria’s body. You can use them to attack other bacteria during combat. In general, the control mechanism of the game is not too complicated. Players only need a flexible combination of navigation and bacteria attack skills.Game World of Microbes Mod

Graphics, environment under the microscope

The graphics of the World of Microbes Mod are very impressive. Set underwater, viewed through a microscope. Recreate an extremely realistic bacterial environment. The image quality is carefully polished, giving players a realistic look. Incorporating the motion effect of bacteria in water. With extremely vivid moving environment effects. More and more fun for players in the process of controlling bacteria. In addition to graphics designed on the 3D platform. The sound quality of the game is quite enjoyable. The gentle background music melodies are shown throughout the playing process. Create a feeling of not being bored. Even more exciting for players in competitive matches.World of Microbes Mod

Customize creatures with parts

World of Microbes Mod provides a very unique bacteria editor. Players can customize the bacteria to their own style. Bacteria are designed in the form of a cell, which is viewed through a microscope. You can attach the parts to any location on the bacteria’s body. For example, attach eyes, horns, fins, tails, etc. Each attached part has its own ability. Horns are used to attack other bacteria. Fin has the ability to increase speed faster in a single use of the skill. Based on your ability, combine the parts accordingly. From there can create powerful bacteria. Can attack enemies at any time. As well as being able to effectively defend when suddenly attacked by enemies. In addition, you can also customize the color of the bacteria.Tai World of Microbes Mod

Survival gameplay

The gameplay of the World of Microbes Mod is quite simple. Step into a vast underwater space, filled with various creatures. You control bacteria that find food to develop themselves. Also attack other creatures to kill them. Can eat the remains of other organisms. Combine foraging food in a large environment. From there, your bacteria will be increased to new levels when you gain enough experience. Here, you need to survive against larger creatures. They can appear unexpectedly. The attack causes your health to decrease. However, the gameplay of the game takes place in the style of kill or be killed. Even smaller bacteria can still kill giant creatures.Download World of Microbes Mod

World of Microbes Mod provides 2 main game modes. Includes survival mode and Battle Royale mode. Coming to the survival mode, you will fight alone in the open space. Fight with other creatures to survive. At the same time develop yourself by finding food. Or eat the remains of slain creatures. Battle Royale mode opens up a team battle. You can form a team with other bacteria. Fight with the opposing team of creatures. Show off your control skills, along with clever ways to combine parts. Attack and destroy the opposing team creatures to win.

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