Wonder Merge Mod APK 1.3.95 (Unlimited Money)
Wonder Merge Mod APK 1.3.95 (Unlimited Money)

Wonder Merge Mod APK 1.3.95 (Unlimited Money)

By thetoan - January 18, 2022
Name Wonder Merge
Version 1.3.95
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 114M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher CookApps
Update January 18, 2022 (1 day ago )

Wonder Merge Mod is a magical wonderland where you can create magic and eternal life. This is a new style of a puzzle game, you need to match at least 3 of the same symbols to create something new. Different from the traditional match-3 puzzle gameplay you used to play in Candy Crush Saga, you won’t have to think too much about moves to match. This puzzle mechanism is simpler, but it is attractive enough and makes you fall in love every time. Each successful pairing will help to upgrade old items, turning them into something new and better. So you can create an ecosystem with trees, flowers, summoned beasts, antique statues, and more in this game. Every day there are loads of specials to discover and your collection will only grow. Are you ready to embrace everything?

Download Wonder Merge Mod – Restore the wonderland from the dark

Coming to Wonder Merge, you will be immersed in a magical wonderland called Sky Meadow. But to discover its ultimate beauty, you need to help it come to life from the dark. Sky Meadow has been around for centuries and is known for its rich ecosystem. But it has long been abandoned and is now completely frozen. You will appear as a savior, using magic from your fingers to bring light back here again. You will start in a certain area, then many other areas, and have endless adventures. With magical magic, you can heal all the creatures on this land and turn it into a colorful paradise. And in the end, the one who can admire it is yourself.


Match items to evolve

The gameplay mechanism of Wonder Merge is a new type of puzzle that is quite hot recently. Accordingly, you will need to match at least 3 similar items to create a new, more advanced item. For example, you can combine flowers, trees, wooden figurines, gems and even dragon eggs. You can witness firsthand the evolution of beautiful flowers after each successful graft. Or the eggs are combined to create dragons and many beautiful summoned beasts. They really stand out with their shimmering colors and beautiful appearance, making you feel like you’re in a real wonderland, not just a game.

Over time, many new items can be unlocked for you to combine many unique combos. Many new flowers, new statues, new summoned beasts, and even golden chests will be available to combine and create a land filled with light. You will gradually unlock more areas to bring light to all regions. The more you expand, the more interesting things appear before your eyes. Those are the things that have been buried for a long time and now, you are the one to uncover them to restore the inherent beauty of the magical wonderland. But work hard if you want to explore more. The summoned beasts can also help you in healing the lands in the dark.


Endless upgrades

The items in Wonder Merge Mod can evolve to different levels. That is, when you successfully match 3 items and get a new item, you can continue to search for the same new items to pair and evolve again. This same mechanism occurs in all creatures of the game, including plants or legendary beasts and dragons. So the more you match, the more you can upgrade your land. Many new looks will appear and bring many surprises for you. In particular, the summoned beasts and dragons when upgraded to a higher level will be more useful. However, keep in mind that your summoned beasts need to rest after a period of work. After getting enough sleep, they can continue to work with you and improve productivity.


Bright and friendly graphics

Anyone can play Wonder Merge because it is really friendly and close. The images in the game are inspired by real life but have bright and colorful colors, making the experience space always full of energy. Besides, the game context is very diverse, you can explore forever without end. The music is gentle but attractive, creating a feeling of relaxation every time you play. Thanks to that, this game can satisfy many gamers, especially children.

Wonder Merge Mod will immerse you in wonderful relaxing moments. You can become a fairy and help heal the barren lands. Many new creatures will rise again and create the eternal vitality of the wonderland. You can admire their beauty and new things every day with interesting puzzle mechanics. Don’t wait any longer, play it and you’ll be addicted right away.

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