Wild Sky TD Mod APK 1.64.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Wild Sky TD Mod APK 1.64.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Wild Sky TD Mod APK 1.64.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 17, 2022
Name Wild Sky TD
Version 1.64.7
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 106MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Crunchy Studio LLC
Update January 17, 2022 (23 hours ago )

Wild Sky TD Mod is built in a vast kingdom. This is where fierce battles take place. Join the game, you have the role of a general, leading the army to fight the enemy. Give the right tactics for each match, observe the terrain to arrange the army in the most reasonable way. Take advantage of each soldier and tower to defend the castle. At the same time use the hero in the right position, defeat the enemy to win. The game is RPG fighting style, requiring high strategy. If you want to win, you need to gain experience. Defeat the enemy team to keep the kingdom safe.

Download Wild Sky TD Mod – Kingdom Defense

The game is developed by Crunchy Studio LLC, which opens up a vast kingdom. Here took place fierce battles between the royal army and the monsters. As a general, you accompany heroes and soldiers to defeat the enemy. Support your army by building tactics, arranging battle formations. Facing increasingly powerful monsters, upgrading heroes and soldiers will make your army stronger. Defeat each enemy attack in turn to protect the kingdom. The game is not simply a defensive fight, but it is also a battle to prove the strength of humanity. What’s more, you get to adventure in new lands. Conquer all challenges, defeat all invading enemies.Download Wild Sky TD Mod

Build tactics, support from heroes

As mentioned above, Wild Sky TD Mod requires an effective tactical element. The battle is unpredictable, each wave of enemy attacks can cause your army to be defeated. Even making the kingdom their colony. Moreover, the enemy also knew how to take advantage of the terrain. They not only attack a single path but also move alongside roads. Your kingdom seems to be surrounded on all sides if you do not promptly send your army to fight. Can be taken over by an army of monsters at any time. Besides, your army also has the support of other powerful heroes. They have very good fighting power, possessing special abilities. This is an advantage when you have frontline leaders. Arrange them in key positions on the map, repel the enemy’s attack line.Wild Sky TD Mod

The increasing difficulty, upgrade towers and soldiers

In the early stages, you get acquainted with the game by a few simple matches. Wild Sky TD Mod will specifically guide you to perform. The difficulty of the game will become more and more difficult. Every time you go to the next map, the challenge is more difficult, the fighting power of the monster also increases. During the war, upgrading heroes, towers, and soldiers will make the army stronger. However, every time you upgrade you need to use gold coins. They are collected when you destroy enemy forces.Tai Wild Sky TD Mod

Exciting mode

The game offers a lot of interesting modes, players can participate in the match in many different ways. For PvE mode, you pass each challenge, in turn, to move on to the next map. Constantly develop tactics and formations to defeat the enemy’s forces. If you want to challenge yourself, you can join the online mode. Challenge your friends, join the battle together for tactical competition. In particular, Wild Sky TD Mod opens exciting tournaments and events. You have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards when participating. But don’t forget to do daily quests to collect resources and items.

Hero system, hero upgrade

Heroes in Wild Sky TD Mod are divided into different forces. They are like a representative for you, playing an important role in the battles. A diverse hero system, comes with each person’s own strength. You can arrange heroes to stand in different positions on the map. They can be the vanguard leading the army or an effective assistant from behind. Each hero has a strong fighting ability, possessing his own skills. Can deal massive damage to enemies. What’s more, you can upgrade your hero to a higher level. However, the hero upgrade is not the same as the tower upgrade. If you upgrade the tower, you only need to use common gold coins. Then upgrading heroes require rarer coins.Game Wild Sky TD Mod

With more than 1500 maps, players can freely explore. Each map in Wild Sky TD Mod is a different battle location. For example, desert lands, volcanoes, ice and snow, in forests, etc. and much more. You need to pass the challenge, in turn, to move on to the next map.

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