What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem
What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem
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What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem

By marllegaspijr - September 13, 2022

Welcome to Zynga Poker, the world’s most popular free poker game! Whether you’re a Texas Hold em online Poker pro or a casual player. Join one of over 20 million active players at any given time to play on multiple tables, compete in tournaments and win real money prizes.

What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem



With more choices of tables, more exciting tournaments, more jackpots winning, and more players to challenge than ever before!

Play Texas Hold em online against friends or make new ones in open mode. Find a table to your liking with every style of game you can imagine: low stakes or high stakes; fast-paced or slow-and-steady; casual or serious. Or create your own table just for you and your friends! Play blackjack and other casino favorites too. Download the app now at LMHMOD.

Zynga Poker ™ offers an amazing selection of Hold’em features including:

  • Real-life graphics that look like you’re playing at the best table in town
  • Brilliant bonuses such as double down on bets to multiply their value by 100x – 4 times per hand!

Whether you prefer the casual Texas Hold em online Poker game or competitive tournament style, Zynga Poker is your home for authentic gameplay.

Regardless of your knowledge and skill level. 

To start a new game:

  • Click the Play button in the upper right corner of this page or on any game screen.
  • Select the type of game that interests you from the drop-down list (Casual, Normal or Tournament). You’ll also have access to freeroll poker tournaments here as well!
  • Choose how many players will be dealt cards (1-4). If two players are playing against each other then 3 hands will automatically be created with 1 player getting 2 hands and 1 player getting 1 hand using both their cards combined together plus two additional wilds that can only replace one card from each hand but never any other combination outside of those rules listed above under “HOW TO PLAY” section above which contains all necessary information about what can happen when playing online poker online games online such as: being able to place bets on rounds or betting limits like $0-$100 per round depending on what kind of table/room type/etc…


What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem

Enjoy the exclusive package offerings and special game modes.

You’re a good player, but you also know how to keep your game interesting. Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem™ provides you with opportunities to enjoy exclusive chip package offerings and special game modes at levels 10 and 20, respectively.

  • Exclusive Chip Packages: Players who reach level 10 will have the opportunity to purchase one of three exclusive chip packages that provide a welcome boost when the next tournament begins.
  • Special Game Modes: If you’re on top of your game and reach level 20 in Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem™, then you will be rewarded with a new way of playing poker!

Zynga Poker is an officially certified to play like a real-like table experience. It’s the only poker game with this distinction.

Play on Zynga Poker using Facebook Connect

  • How to play on Zynga Poker using Facebook Connect
  • Click the “Play Now” button in the upper left corner of this page to access your favorite game.
  • Select one of our many versions of Texas Hold em online, Omaha, or Stud poker, and choose your table size and stakes as you would normally do before starting a new game.
  • Once you have selected a table size and stake, click “Continue” at the bottom right corner of this dialog box to connect with Facebook Connect

What to expect when playing Zynga Poker ™ – Texas Holdem



Zynga Poker is a fun and social way to play real Texas Hold em online Poker with your friends. It is the #1 free app for Android devices. Connecting with Facebook makes it easier than ever before to connect with your friends and play together! Download the apps now at LMHMOD.

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