Warhammer Quest Mod APK 1.6101 (Unlimited Money)
Warhammer Quest Mod APK 1.6101 (Unlimited Money)

Warhammer Quest Mod APK 1.6101 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - April 19, 2022
Name Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower -Turn Based Strategy
Version 1.6101
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 165MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Perchang
Update April 19, 2022 (1 month ago )

Warhammer Quest Mod transports you to the Sigmar era of Games Workshop. Here, your mission is to gather information in the dark dungeon. Fight with the monsters of the dark forces. With hundreds of challenges, the task goes from easy to difficult. Requires smart, appropriate tactics in each battle. Gather warriors to join the fight. Use their full power to defeat the monsters. Destroy the lair of the evil Gaunt summoner. Complete the assigned tasks, and collect the loot.

Download Warhammer Quest Mod – Dungeon Battle To Rescue Guardians

The gameplay of Warhammer Quest Mod is turn-based. You train warriors to join the battle in the dungeon. With the task of gathering information, find the pieces of the amulet. For the purpose of rescuing the guardian from being captured by the summoner Gaunt. With that said, the fight is turn-based. The warriors will take turns to attack the enemy every time it is their turn. They will use personal skills to deal damage to monsters. Likewise, when it comes to attacking monsters. They will use the power of darkness given to them by the summoner Gaunt. Attack you with dangerous power, if you do not have a suitable strategy. Choose heroes to participate in the battle properly. It would be easy for them to lose their lives in this terrifying battlefield.Warhammer Quest Mod

At the end of the battle, the difficulty gradually increases

The war in Warhammer Quest Mod lasts until one of the two factions is completely defeated. Whichever faction’s forces are still standing on the battlefield, that side will win. Also, get bonuses and valuable loot. Continue to enter the new battle. At the same time, the difficulty will be increased from easy to difficult. The monsters are getting stronger than before. Not only improved in strength. But they also increase defense, making it very difficult to defeat. Along with that, the reward you get after finishing the battle also increases.Ear Warhammer Quest Mod

Facing a lot of enemies

In Warhammer Quest Mod you will have to fight a lot of enemies. Acolyte, Tzaangor, Daemon, and all Chaos monsters. Driven by honor, vengeance, or simply collecting puzzle pieces. You have no choice but to fight every enemy. Because as soon as you enter the battle in this dungeon, your ultimate goal is to rescue the guardian. Surely, the enemy will not ignore you. They are the obstacles that will prevent you from achieving your goal. So use the full power of the warriors through turn battles. Destroy all those who stand in the way, and collect the puzzle pieces. Rescue the guardian to complete the mission.Game Warhammer Quest Mod

Lots of powerful warriors

Not disappointing players, Warhammer Quest Mod offers a lot of powerful characters. They are warriors, possessing outstanding fighting ability. Equipped with the ultimate weapon, can deal massive damage to enemies. Each warrior has its own fighting ability. Typical as an attack, defense, support. If want to assemble a team of powerful warriors to rescue the guardian. You need to learn the strength of each warrior. For example, a strong squad is not just about attack or defense. It’s a collection of heroes with unique abilities. At the same time, the battle position of each hero also has a great impact on the outcome of the battle. If you want to win, you need to have a squad full of heroes in terms of attack, defense, and support.

Equip weapons, items, and jewels

Besides gathering heroes, upgrading their strength is essential. At Warhammer Quest Mod you can equip warriors with weapons, items, and jewelry. Each type of equipment has its own power. For example, weapons will help warriors increase damage, jewelry increases defense and health. However, each type of equipment requires money to buy. You can use the money accumulated through previous battles. Unlock to upgrade warriors, making it easier for them to defeat the enemy.Download Warhammer Quest Mod

The graphics of Warhammer Quest Mod are built on a 3D platform. With the setting taking place in the dungeon, the same environment, the surrounding scenery is depicted impressively. In particular, the combat effects of the warriors every time they use the skill. Displayed very vividly. Besides, the image of each warrior is depicted in many different styles. Combined with the sound every time they use the skill to attack the enemy. Make you feel more excited, and at the same time not boring after a period of experience.

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