VlogNow Mod APK 1.34.12 (Optimization, No Ads)
VlogNow Mod APK 1.34.12 (Optimization, No Ads)

VlogNow Mod APK 1.34.12 (Optimization, No Ads)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name VlogNow – VN Video Editor
Version 1.34.12
MOD Features Optimization, No Ads
Size 143MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Tools
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Price FREE
Publisher VN, LLC
Update January 11, 2022 (6 days ago )

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional filmmaker? Or simply design your video, become more attractive to enjoy. Or do you see YouTubers and vloggers posting videos on social networking sites? However, behind those million-view videos, there is an editing process. To make the video perfect, as well as correct the errors or omissions. Therefore, the publisher VN LLC has provided users with the VlogNow Mod application. This is a video editing tool of choice for many people. Because it brings convenience, as well as a lot of unique features. Make it easy for them to create a complete, high-quality video.

Download VlogNow Mod – Simple And Effective Video Editing App

To edit a complete video, users need a lot of features and tools to do it. However, there are currently some applications that are not optimized, making them very difficult for users to use. But coming to VlogNow Mod is completely different. The application provides users with quality features. So that you can easily manipulate and edit videos, efficiently. Here users can use toolbars, effects, and sounds. Although these are simple features, they are essential for you to edit videos. In fact, the applications possess simple features and are easy to manipulate. Always occupy a position and position in the hearts of customers. Because it not only brings convenience but also helps them save a lot of time in editing. Especially this application is free to use,Download VlogNow Mod

Video personalization

VlogNow Mod will help you edit videos professionally. In addition, you need to know that video editing is not a simple task. It requires the designer to have a knowledge base. Along with that is the secret eye, as well as the ability to perceive art. Here users need to learn and familiarize themselves with the basic tools to edit their videos. Along with that, you need to learn about effects and how to customize the sound, to match each scene in the video. In particular, users can add their favorite music. By searching and uploading them to the application, to create a quality video. That will help viewers feel the meaning that the video brings. Besides, the application provides users with a lot of attractive music. You can then add music, to the footage of each situation in the video. For example, in Live scenes, you can add climax music. Make the audience feel extremely excited and stimulated.Tai VlogNow Mod

Editing Tools

Using the flexible toolbar will help you create quality videos. Starting from choosing a video you love, then you will review and edit each stage in turn. Here VlogNow Mod allows you to zoom out and zoom in on videos, to create highlights and impressions for viewers. Along with that, users can use the cut and join feature. To remove inappropriate footage or add an interesting video. Besides, you can optimize videos and copy them easily. In addition, the application also has advanced editing features, helping you edit videos professionally. Users can then remove unnecessary colors, or add background images to the video. Make your video more vivid and attractive in the eyes of viewers. Also, you can customize the speed fast or slow,VlogNow Mod APK

Filters and effects

Besides VlogNow Mod provides users with more than 60 filters. Help you create a quality video, with diverse and vivid images. Combined with 21 effects, and many different themes. That will make viewers even more excited, with a lot of unique scenes. Along with sharp video quality and outstanding graphics capabilities, it will make the video more prominent in the eyes of viewers. In addition, the subtitle tool is a very important factor. Help users adjust the time of each video or add a slide for the title. To make it easy for viewers to understand the content of the video. Furthermore, you can change the font color and size displayed in the video.VlogNow Mod

After completing the video editing process. Users can easily save the video to a device or gallery. Especially the video quality of VlogNow Mod will not be blurred or broken after saving. That will help you to be able to watch videos anytime, anywhere without worrying about the original video being lost. Besides, you can link the application to social networks. To share my videos with everyone around. Also, the application helps you personalize the video perfectly. Together with the top-notch sound quality and HD picture, it will bring you an enjoyable experience.

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