VIMAGE Mod APK (Unlocked Pro)

By CBCC - September 17, 2021
VIMAGE Mod APK (Unlocked Pro)
MOD Features Unlocked Pro
Size 50MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Tools
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Price FREE
Publisher vimage
Update September 17, 2021 (1 week ago )

VIMAGE Mod is an application that helps users create animated photos. Released by image, you can turn still photos stored in the device. Become more outstanding and unique than ever, with just a few simple steps you can make your photo much more special. Although there are many tools that carry similar features, it still has a lot of limitations. Making users unable to fully exploit the usability, as well as create the desired animation. But VIMAGE Mod is completely different, the application not only helps you design attractive animations. But users can also add effects to the photo, making the photo more outstanding.

Download VIMAGE Mod – Convert Still Images to Unique Animations

Unlike the usual traditional animations, it is also known as GIFs. The type of image is capable of continuous motion, with a length of about 2 to 3 seconds. Then here VIMAGE Mod is using Cinemagragh technology. This is a very interesting feature, helping users to adjust the motion area of ​​the image. Or even keep the photo still and motionless. Once upon a time, motion pictures took the internet by storm. Then you can come across any social network, and these unique moving photos will appear. In particular, users can choose any still image on their device. Then upload them to the application that can be converted to the animation style. Along with that, the application provides you with a lot of other support tools.VIMAGE Mod

Optimal features

The interface of VIMAGE Mod is designed quite simply. Give users a feeling of closeness and friendliness. Together with optimized toolbars, it is easy to use and make adjustments. Users only need to perform press operations on the screen, to select the appropriate tools. Depending on your wishes, it is possible to create your own photo. Before starting to edit photos, users need to tap the plus icon on the screen. To upload a photo from the gallery to the app, during the photo selection process you can zoom in or out of your photo. Then the image will be transferred to Edit Photo, where you can choose Rotate to rotate the image in 4 directions. Or use Brightness to customize the brightness of the photo, by moving on the horizontal slider. After feeling satisfied,Ear VIMAGE Mod

Select effect

Besides, users can choose Saturation to adjust the saturation of the image. Or use Contrast to increase and decrease the contrast of the image. After the photo editing is complete, users can click the arrow on the right in the upper corner of the screen. Now VIMAGE Mod will switch to a new interface. That is Choose Effect, here there are many animation effects for users to choose from. Now you can search for yourself a unique animation to apply. For example, snow effect (Snow), thunder effect (Lighting), smoke effect (Chimney Smoke), and fireworks effect (Fireworks). Every time you select an effect, the user needs to click on the effect to preview it on the screen. During the selection process, there will be some effects that have not been downloaded. Now the user needs to connect to the Internet to download the effect to the computer.Download VIMAGE Mod

After completing the effect selection process, the user can continue to select the right arrow. Then VIMAGE Mod will switch to the Edit Effect interface to merge effects and photos together. Here you can zoom in or out of the effect, by tapping two fingers to drag. Besides, the application provides you with 5 available tools. For example Flip to flip the effect, Brightness to adjust the light of the effect. After everything is completed, the user can move on to the final step. At this point, you need to keep pressing the right arrow and wait a short time. Let the application start the animation conversion process, exactly what you have installed before. When the conversion is done, the corresponding toolbars will be displayed on the screen. Includes direct sharing to Instagram, or you can choose to save to your device by clicking Save. After saving to the device, users can share on many different social networks, such as Facebook, Zalo, …

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