Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 6.2.1 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)
Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 6.2.1 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 6.2.1 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Version 6.2.1
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Gems
Size 90MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod is a simulation game published by Naxeex Ltd. The game is a combination of many elements including simulation, driving, shooting, and action. Promises to bring players an interesting and engaging experience. Players will become a superhero, with the task of protecting the city where they live. The gameplay is lively and attractive, which has attracted a large number of participants around the world. Especially the game has been a trending trend on the platforms of iOS and Android. Currently, only on the Google Play application, the game has received more than 32 thousand positive feedbacks. Along with that has attracted more than 100 million downloads, a very impressive number and enough to say the popularity.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod – Fight to Defend the City

The scene takes place in the city of Vegas, which is considered a crime city. Because there is no rule of law and the gangsters are the rulers in the city. Robbery, killing, illegal business, racing, and many more activities. All are reproduced in the city, along with the injustice towards the common people. Currently, this place needs a brave person to stand up to solve all problems. Join Vegas Crime Simulator Mod players will become a hero of the city. You represent justice and the common people of the region, with the mission to destroy evil and return to a peaceful city. Facing the invisible dark forces, they are human greed. Will you be able to deal with it, or will you also be engulfed in that confusion?Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK

Open map

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod game is designed with an expanded map. Help players freely move and do the things they like. However, at first, you are not a hero, but just an ordinary person like everyone else. Your mission is very special and you come from zero. That means you have to perform many different tasks, to gradually develop yourself and become a hero. Even at first, your character has to do any illegal activities, in order to survive. For example, robbery, fighting, racing. Or more unique vehicles like tanks, planes, and giant robots. After using the vehicle to move, the system displays the control screen. Now you will click on the left virtual key to navigate and click the 2 icons on the right to move and stop.Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

Gun system

Your mission is to develop yourself and improve your strength to help the city return to its former peace. So players need to perform many different tasks to earn a lot of money. Using that money, you can move to Vegas Crime Simulator Mod’s store to buy items and equipment. There are unique costumes here, helping you to create a more prominent character. For example, a floral outfit will help a young character or a nobleman with a suit. There are also some costumes that require you to be level enough to unlock. Or the guns, they are very diverse and have high damage. Including AK 47, Shotgun, Glock, … and many more are waiting for you to discover. However, each weapon will have corresponding ammo, which you need to equip.Tai Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

Special costumes

Besides, Vegas Crime Simulator Mod also has two special costumes for you to explore. However, acquiring them is not an easy task. Requires players to have a lot of money and a little luck. A robot outfit, with a large body and strong defensive power. Along with high attack ability, can destroy everything. Especially you can transform into a car to move. For superhero costumes, will help you immerse yourself in a world of your own. Here you can fly all over the sky and destroy evil. Use the laser eyes as a tool to fight and destroy everything. In addition, the game also has a number of other support items. Rocket shoes, helping the character to fly. Superkick makes the character’s shot power increase, or the wall-climbing feature helps the character move on high-rise buildings easily.Download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Vegas Crime Simulator game, players will experience the unlimited money feature. Using that money, go to the store. Here players can unlock all kinds of powerful weapons and equip beautiful costumes for the character. Besides Vegas Crime Simulator Mod is designed with 3D graphics. The image quality is simulated in detail, you can see through the cars. Or robots, superheroes, even scenes of characters flying in the air and performing a lot of action. Along with that, the top game effect is shown through interesting scenes. Combined with realistic sound, expressed through the explosion of bombs. Or the sound of the car’s engine and the action sounds full of tension and drama.

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