Download VALORANT MOD APK 1.0.3 for Android iOS
Download VALORANT MOD APK 1.0.3 for Android iOS

Download VALORANT MOD APK 1.0.3 for Android iOS

By Cris - May 24, 2022
Name VALORANT Mobile
Version 1.0.3
MOD Features N/A
Size 150MB
Requires Android
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Riot Games
Genre ,
Update May 24, 2022 (1 month ago )

VALORANT APK – An extremely attractive FPS shooting game today. This game is developed by Riot Games house. Immediately after its release on the Windows platform, this publisher received a rain of compliments from brothers in the FPS gaming community. That is also the motivation for Riot Games to continue its journey to bring VALORANT APK to the mobile platform. The product is expected to be released this year 2022. So what is so interesting about this game that is so attractive? Find out with us right here!

Introducing VALORANT Mobile version

VALORANT is considered as a new breeze in the world of FPS games. There, you will experience a thrilling shooting game to suffocate.

The game is attractive with the context from the future world

It is the year 2039, when the world has experienced a “terrible” event called the New Light (First Light). It was it that gave birth to an extremely mysterious substance, called Radiant. Some people when exposed to this substance will produce mutations.

At this time, a Kingdom corporation has found a way to endlessly exploit Radiant. From there they will own the exclusive rights and become the sole distributor. This proves that the world will have a great change. From human perception to politics, science and technology…

The battle of the strong

At that time, an underground organization called Valorant Protocol was established. They fired with the goal of protesting against the Radiant event. The two agents who founded this organization are BrimStone and Viper. They then recruited mutants and provided scientific equipment to fight the Kingdom.

A strange group is transporting secret packages, while disabling the package, they discover that there is a strange group that looks exactly like themselves. And even the organization could not explain this phenomenon. In other words, this is a battle between agents and their twin. All stopping the Spike block will cause a tragedy for the whole world.

How to play

VALORANT APK is considered to be the perfect combination between 2 games: Counter – Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. The competitive form of this game is 5v5. Players will be divided into two factions, Attacker and Defenders. While the Attacker is tasked with placing and protecting the Spike until it explodes, destroying all defending troops. The Defenders faction is responsible for stopping Spike and destroying the attacking side’s troops.

Game rules of the game VALORANT

Each match will have 13 (rounds) rounds. The two sides change sides in round 12. If anyone reaches rounds 13 first, that side will win. In Competitive mode, when both teams score 12-12, they have to shoot Overtime series. If there is a difference in the scores, the game is over.

What makes this game different from CS:GO

is that the Agents have a unique set of skills and roles. Players are required to have accurate aiming skills. At the same time, you have to combine well with each other to easily win.

The outstanding advantages of the game VALORANT 

This game brings a breath of fresh air with many outstanding advantages such as:

Diverse game characters

The characters in VALORANT APK are called Agents. Not Champions or Heroes like some other games. Depending on each role, each Agent in the game will have its own set of skills. Currently, this game has 18 agents with 4 main roles. These are Duelist, Controller, Initistor and Sentinel.

– The Duelist agent team consists of Phoenix, Jett, Raze, Reyna, Yoru and a newly debuted brother named Neon. All possess the skills of an entry fragger (fly, surf, flash…). The mission of this group is to start the battle and tank into the bombsite.

– The Controller team includes agents Omen, Viper, Brimstone and Astra. They have the ability to block the enemy’s vision and help the entry fragger to the site safely. This position can be considered as the brain of the team, because it has a great influence on the rounds. Just using the wrong smoke will most likely give the opposing team an easy win round.

– The Initiator team consists of agents named Skye, Sova, Breach and KAY/O. This is a reconnaissance unit tasked with finding information for the entire team. They have skills such as detecting enemies, and stunts to help teammates easily defeat enemies.

– The Sentinel team consists of agents Sage, Cypher, Killjoy and Chamber. Is an effective support unit to catch “lurker”, prevent the enemy from quickly hitting the bomb site. For the Attacker side, most of them will become the “lurker” position. Because their kit doesn’t work well with teammates, especially Cypher.

VALORANT has a variety of play areas with 6 maps

Unlike CS: GO, in this game you can’t choose the map you want to play. Which will appear randomly. The first map is Fracture. This is where top secret research is spatially separated due to the failed Radianite experiment.

Next is the Breeze map, which has a cool climate surrounded by ruins and sea. This is the largest map of this game. So keep an eye out behind, the enemy can be anywhere.

Next is the Icebox, an arctic battlefield covered in countless metals. There are also some other maps like Bind, Ascent, Haven.

Note: Breeze is considered the most “difficult” map when it is both wide and difficult to control positions.

Extremely Innovative Skins

The developer of this game is constantly releasing beautiful skins, making players have to invest in it to experience it. To own a gun skin, of course you have to recharge to buy. But don’t worry too much because they are all in the average segment, anyone can own them.

Instead of opening crates like in CS: GO, Riot Games will let players check their “dignity” with the Store and Night Market. The items will appear completely random. The shop slowly releases 4 random skins every 24 hours. The Night Market takes place every 2 months, giving out 6 skins with random discounts.

The game has 5 basic modes: Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, Deathmatch and Custom

Unrated and Competitive modes are basically the same, the team that hits round 13 first will win. However, Unrated does not calculate rank points, mainly for you to practice and entertain, so there will be no Overtime. Spike Rush and Deathmatch are two quick game modes for you to warm up. The Custom mode is usually for organizing tournaments or shooting with friends.

In addition, there will be alternate modes such as Replication (cloning), Snowball Fight (snowball battle) or Escalation (gun king mode).

Sharp graphics, realistic experience

Compared to when VALORANT was first released, the graphics have now changed a lot. Character creation and skill effects are more elaborate. Help players feel like they are experiencing a gun battle in the anime. 

FAQs – Questions about VALORANT Mod Apk

Does Valorant have high requirements for machine configuration?

The biggest advantage of this game is the ultra-light graphics, so devices with mid-range configuration can also play smoothly. If evaluated on a 10-point scale, Valorant’s graphics are at 7/10.

With the configuration level that Riot Games offers, Valorant will be playable on almost all existing computers.

How many weapons does Valorant have?

Currently, this game has a total of 18 weapons:

  • 5 types of pistols (Pilots)
  • 2 types of submachine guns (SMGs)
  • 2 types of shotguns
  • 4 types of rifles (Rifles)
  • 2 types of sniper rifles (Snipers)
  • 2 types of machine guns Heavy (MG)

Is it easy to download games to your phone?

It’s very simple! You can download this shooter for your phone’s operating system, respectively! At lmhmod, we are committed to bringing the most accurate and most accurate game download link from the publisher Riot Games.

Download game VALORANT Mobile APK for Android

The VALORANT Mobile version promises many interesting and attractive things for players. Currently this game has expanded the market in many regions around the world. Not only that, it also attracts professional gamers about FPS shooting. For example, Shroud, Scream, TenZ… What are you waiting for, visit lmhMod every day to update the latest news about this game.

Describe: Valorant Mobile version is a shooting game released by Riot Games, the game promises to bring thrilling moments to suffocation.


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