Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod APK 2.0183 (Unlocked)
Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod APK 2.0183 (Unlocked)

Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod APK 2.0183 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - May 20, 2022
Name Tuning Club Online Squid Game
Version 2.0183
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 70MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Two Headed Shark
Update May 20, 2022 (2 months ago )

Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod takes you into exciting car races. Join the game, you will become a professional car racer. With the task of driving a racing car to conquer challenges. Your opponents are from all over the world, they are online players. Here, you will compete directly with your opponent through races. A series of features are provided by the publisher Two-Headed Shark. From customizing cars to a variety of components and accessories. Until the course of races at multiple locations. Combined with many attractive racing modes, with their own gameplay and rules. Along with vivid graphics, reenact dramatic scenes. The stunts are shown throughout the race.

Download Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod – Customize Cars To Participate In Online Races

Coming to Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod you can customize the exterior of the racing car. The game offers a lot of accessories to design. You can customize your racing car to your own style. Choose your favorite paint color to change the color of your car. Add body kits to the bodywork to make a difference. As well as increasing the aesthetics, helping the racing car become more prominent. At the same time, it is possible to change a new set of tires to increase the friction with the road surface. It is possible to install additional equipment such as front, rear bumper, spoiler to change the aerodynamics of the car. What’s more, lots of decorative accessories to design. Helping you to create a unique racing car as desired. For example, customizing a racing car into a police car, with police lights on the roof. It can even be customized as a taxi, clown car, or Halloween pumpkin car.Download Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod

Engine upgrade

Besides designing the style and appearance of racing cars. Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod also allows you to upgrade the engine system. With a lot of parts to choose from, as well as equipment for the car. After upgrading, the racing car will increase its ability to operate on the road. Combine parts like pistons, camshafts, crankshafts, flywheels, and more. At the same time, customize the suspension system, helping the car operate more stably. Lots of different ways of customization, through racing car parts. However, creating a car that suits your racing style is not easy. Requires the skills of a car designer. It is necessary to customize and upgrade the appropriate parts of the car. Or maybe through the race to feel. Then enter the garage to customize the racing car.Game Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod

Racing car system

Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod owns a diverse racing system. However, you need to use the earned coins to unlock. Impressively designed racing cars. With unique designs and colors. In particular, the performance of each racing car is not the same. Here are some cars like E36, RX7, Evolution, and Skyline. There are many other unique racing cars that have not been mentioned, waiting for you to discover. The capabilities of each racing car are demonstrated through the technical parameters. Including top speed, acceleration, parking brake. Each displayed parameter represents a unique ability. For example, the brake of a car, the higher the parameter, the shorter the braking ability. That means you can quickly slow down when needed.Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod APK

Gameplay, racing process

The gameplay of Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod is based on the red and green light game of the movie Squid Game. However, instead of players, there are now cars. Entering the race, a robot doll stands at the bottom of the map. After a countdown, the doll will turn its head. Your mission is to compete with other racing cars. Observe the doll’s movements, as well as feel the beat. To be able to win, become the driver to the finish line first. You need to control the car precisely. During the race, you need to be very careful. Each time the doll detects the movement of the racing car. It will fire a laser that causes the racing cars to return to the starting line. If you are detected too many times, it will create an opportunity for the opponent to go far. It’s hard to win in this dramatic race.Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod

In the green light race, the red light of Tuning Club Online Squid Game Mod. You need to pay attention to the speed of the vehicle moving and stopping time. As soon as the brake is pressed, the racing car cannot stop immediately. It will take a short distance, according to the braking inertia of the vehicle. And also depends on the current speed, braking system. This note is very important, if you cannot master the speed, it is very easy to be detected. Besides, the game also offers many other attractive modes. Typical such as drift mode, bomb mode, crown mode, speed mode. Each mode is designed based on its own rules and gameplay, which you need to follow.

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