Troll Robber APK 2.3
Troll Robber APK 2.3

Troll Robber APK 2.3

By CBCC - November 27, 2021
Name Troll Robber: Steal it your way
Version 2.3
Size 108MB
Requires Android 5.1
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher ABI Global LTD
Update November 27, 2021 (2 days ago )

Troll Robber Mod belongs to the genre of puzzle games. A combination of theft and puzzle elements. With a lot of fun puzzles, taking place in each level of play. In particular, this is not just an ordinary puzzle game. But also interesting trolls. Help players feel excited when going to tease people. By stealing other people’s things so that they can be misunderstood. As well as causing their quarrels and fights to happen. Join the game, you can experience it for free. With the offline feature, no internet connection is required. In particular, the issuer of ABI Global LTD will update weekly. Add many new puzzles, much more interesting and fun. Helps players increase creativity, as well as train their brains. Boost your intelligence in funny troll puzzles.

Download Troll Robber Mod – Become A Thief To Perform Theft Action

The story of Troll Robber Mod revolves around a thief. Before, he was just an ordinary guy like everyone else. But after one rain completely changed his life. In the rain, suddenly a ray of light shines directly on the person. Make him have special abilities. You can stretch your arms as long as you like. In particular, when he stretches out his hand, time will stop, making all activities around standstill. Taking advantage of his abilities, he decides to become a thief. Use hands with special abilities to steal everything you love. Join the game, you will transform into a thief. With the task of stealing people’s items in the game levels. Also, troll them with your creativity. Causing people to misunderstand each other.Game Troll Robber Mod

Carry out the task of stealing items, the difficulty is increasing

Troll Robber Mod provides a lot of fun puzzles. Each puzzle is played out on a level. Your task is to find a way to solve puzzles to troll others. By using her extendable hands to steal things. At the same time, do not let others know that you are a thief. Or let them detect your theft. Each mission takes place, you need to steal the required item. As soon as entering a new level. The system will display the type of items you need to steal. After completing the puzzle quest. You will continue to step to a new level. The difficulty of each level is increasing day by day. More difficult situations, as well as obstacles placed in difficult positions. Make you face many challenges in the process of stretching your arms to solve puzzles.Download Troll Robber Mod

Obstacles, stealing wrong items

During the progression of Troll Robber Mod’s puzzle levels. Obstacles are the main factor preventing you from committing theft. There are some obstacles such as electric sockets, wild animals, warning lights, etc. Depending on the level of the puzzle, different obstacles will appear. Obstacles are divided into 2 categories. Includes moving obstacles and immovable obstacles. No matter what obstacles you hit, you will be detected. Not only that, if you steal the wrong thing you need to steal on one level. Will be discovered by others, and attacked by them with a blow.Ear Troll Robber Mod

Puzzle skills, creativity

To be able to successfully perform theft in Troll Robber Mod. Requires the skill of the player to be very professional. Before starting to act, you need to observe everything around you. From the location of the obstacles to the location of the items to be stolen. Then calculate exactly to choose the position of arms stretch. Make use of the touchable objects at each level. Use your creativity to find safe locations. At the same time, stretch your arms flexibly so as not to touch obstacles. From there, you can successfully steal items. As each level takes place. You need to hone your theft experience. Improve your brain’s creativity to be able to perform theft at new levels. Present yourself as a good thief, able to steal any object if you like.Troll Robber Mod

Troll Robber Mod’s graphics are beautifully designed. The image quality is extremely sharp, creating funny characters. Each level takes place in a new environment. A diverse puzzle system, will not be repeated twice. Along with the activities that take place after you steal the item. Or when others find out you’re a thief. Will be shown through pictures happen. Make you feel interesting with your troll actions. Besides graphics designed in sharp 3D. The sound of the game is also very unique. Interesting troll-style audio melodies. Along with the act of stretching the arm or when another action occurs. The sound will be changed to match the playing scene.

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