Toy Story Drop APK 1.20.0
Toy Story Drop APK 1.20.0

Toy Story Drop APK 1.20.0

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Toy Story Drop!
Version 1.20.0
Size 100MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Big Fish Games
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Immerse yourself in the familiar cartoon world when participating in the Toy Story Drop Mod game. Players will meet the cartoon characters of their childhood. Inspired by the animated movie Toy Story. Revolving around toy characters with many unique styles. Since then, it has been the inspiration for the manufacturer to build this game. The publisher of Big Fish Games is a big brand. Own more than 150 different entertaining games. Here, the game belongs to the puzzle game genre. Combined between match-3 and story elements. Unleash an exciting adventure of toy characters. Along with a simple control mechanism. Similar to other puzzle games. To perform puzzle activities. Players only need through touching and swiping on the screen to move items.

Download Toy Story Drop Mod – Help Toy Characters Solve Trouble

The story of Toy Story Drop Mod revolves around the guy Woody and his friends. They are having problems that cannot be satisfactorily resolved. Join the game, you will have to help them achieve their desires. Through match-3 levels to enter the adventure. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to explore familiar locations in the animated movie Toy Story. For example Pizza Planet, Andy’s room, street. There are many other interesting places to be discovered in the adventure. Along with that, you also have the opportunity to meet many other cartoon characters. Go through the puzzle levels, complete the challenges. Help Woody’s friends solve their problems. From there, you can meet and make new friends.Download Toy Story Drop Mod

The levels of play, the difficulty increases gradually

Similar to other match-3 puzzle games. Puzzle levels in Toy Story Drop Mod are played out in each level. Each level is a challenge. With different requirements and conditions. You need to comply, as well as follow to complete the task. For example, collect the required number of items. At the same time, the number of puzzles at a level is limited. As each level increases, after each task is completed. Entering a new level of play, the location will be changed. The difficulty of the game increases from there. The layout of puzzle items in each location is different. Along with the appearance of more complex arrangement items. Make it more difficult for you to solve the puzzle.Game Toy Story Drop Mod

Puzzle items, collecting quests

A combination of match-3 puzzles and the plot of the animated movie Toy Story. The developer has been very clever in using puzzle items in the cartoon style. Includes items that appear in Toy Story Drop Mod puzzle levels. Like energy tanks, magnets, binoculars, rockets, globes, flying saucers. The items are arranged in different styles. Every time you step into a new game screen. The layout will be changed to more complex. Your task is to arrange 3 or more similar items. From there they can be collected. After collecting the required number of items, with the number of puzzles allowed. From there will complete the task. Achievements will correspond to the number of points achieved during the game.Tai Toy Story Drop Mod

Create combos

In Toy Story Drop Mod’s match-3 puzzle levels. You can create combos to collect many items in one puzzle turn. As well as achieving a higher score than the usual way of solving puzzles. Through special items. It is possible to pair them with the corresponding items. From there will create combos in vertical and horizontal rows. Even creates an explosion within a certain range. To be able to create special items. You need to match 4 or 5 of the same items. For example, combining 4 rockets will create a special rocket. Next turn, if you can match the special rocket with other rockets. Will collect all items vertically or horizontally. Depends on the direction of your item pairing.Toy Story Drop Mod

Overall, the gameplay of Toy Story Drop Mod is not too different from other match-3 puzzle games. Only tailored puzzle items, graphics, images, and sound effects. Along with an interesting story revolving around toy characters. However, that still gives players a unique experience. Through level-by-level puzzle levels. Requires your observation skills, your flexibility to perform. Going through each level of the game, it is necessary to gain more experience. As well as improve your puzzle skills to be able to overcome more difficult challenges. Complete the assigned tasks at the new level of the game excellently.

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