Tower Conquest Mod APK 23.0.6g (Unlimited Money)
Tower Conquest Mod APK 23.0.6g (Unlimited Money)

Tower Conquest Mod APK 23.0.6g (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - November 30, 2021
Name Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games
Version 23.0.6g
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 126MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Titan Mobile LLC
Update November 30, 2021 (3 days ago )

Tower Conquest Mod opens up attractive castle defense battles. With tactical style gameplay. Your mission is to lead the army to fight the enemy. With the goal of destroying the opponent’s tower, successfully defend your own tower. The game will take you on adventures in a fantasy world. Explore many different combat environments. Face many enemies for treasure. Constantly develop the strength of the army to participate in fierce battles. Along with a series of interesting features for you to experience. From the diverse character system, a lot of rare loot, to the graphics. Everything will be discovered by you right at the start of the game. Bringing you extremely impressive castle defense battles.

Download Tower Conquest Mod – Tower Defense Battle Of Warriors

The battle of Tower Conquest Mod takes place in the style of tower defense. Entering the battle, your mission is to recruit soldiers to attack. Prevent the attacks of enemy forces. At the same time destroy the enemy’s defense tower to end the battle. Gold coins and new soldiers are the rewards you will receive. Then move on to the next battles. The difficulty of the game will increase every time you step to a new level. Not only the number of enemies is increasing day by day. And their fighting ability is also superior to before. Making the battle extremely tense and fierce. There is only the use of smart strategy, along with the ability to use the right soldiers. Only you can destroy the enemy tower to win.Tower Conquest Mod

 During the war

During the battle of Tower Conquest Mod. The tower will automatically regenerate health over time, whenever there are no enemies attacking. If you want to end the war, you need to continuously launch attacks. By continuously recruiting units of soldiers. However, to be able to recruit soldiers to appear on the battlefield. You need to have enough energy to be able to recruit. Each soldier will need a certain amount of energy. The stronger the soldiers, having superior combat power will consume more energy. After each recruit, mana will decrease but will be restored over time. Likewise, each soldier after being recruited. It will take a certain amount of time to recruit again.Tai Tower Conquest Mod

The tower can shoot fireballs

Don’t just recruit soldiers to attack enemy towers. Towers in Tower Conquest Mod also have the ability to attack. Can deal massive amounts of damage in an area. By firing a fireball, it is possible to burn everything on the battlefield. However, the fireball doesn’t just deal damage to the enemy team’s forces. It can also cause your team’s soldiers to lose blood. After each use, it will take a while to recover. Use the fireball wisely. You can quickly end the fight or defend the castle in times of danger. For example, when the enemy forces attack the castle, using the fireball will burn all the enemies under the castle. Or you can attack the enemy tower directly. That will cause their tower to consume a large amount of health.Dowload Tower Conquest Mod

Over 70 battle units, upgradable

More than 70 combat units are provided by Tower Conquest Mod. They are all warriors with strong fighting abilities. Each warrior has a unique appearance style, with its own fighting ability. Typical are dwarves, cavalry, archers, astronauts, magicians, zombies, knights, etc. And many other soldiers and combat heroes. The abilities of the warriors are expressed through damage, health, attack speed, movement speed, and attack range. However, you can upgrade warriors to increase their combat power. By using earned gold coins to upgrade. Then the stats will be increased. Besides, each warrior can reach a maximum of 5 stars. Through battles and loot collected. You can increase their stars to maximize their power.Game Tower Conquest Mod

Tower Conquest Mod’s mission system is played out through the map. Typical such as forest map, snow map, cemetery map, etc. Each map is an arena, with many different levels of play for you to explore. Conquer each level in turn, after completing. You will enter a new map, fight in a new arena. At the same time, the reward received also increased. Battles on difficult levels will earn you bonuses and rare loot.

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