Top Speed ​​Mod APK 1.38.2 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - August 28, 2021
Top Speed ​​Mod APK 1.38.2 (Unlimited Money)
Name Top Speed: Drag & Fast Street Racing 3D
Version 1.38.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 83MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher T-Bull
Update August 28, 2021 (1 month ago )

Top Speed ​​Mod is rated as one of the most dramatic and attractive racing games in 2017. With racing cars designed according to new standards. The same gameplay takes place extremely attractive, from the track to the competition. Here, you enter a world of crime. Participate in underground, illegal car races. With the task of competing mafia bosses to become a new boss of the city. Overcome all opponents on the track with your luxury supercar. Prove to everyone who is the tycoon of this city.

Download Top Speed ​​Mod – Compete with Bosses on Racing Cars

The gameplay of Top Speed ​​Mod does not complicate or make it difficult for you, even a new player. Join the race track on a straight road. No obstacles appear on the road. There are no dangerous turns, and at the same time, you cannot perform car drift skills. Here, speed is the most important factor to decide your victory or defeat in the race. Requires car customization skills, what you upgrade and equip with accessories and spare parts for the car. More than that, from time to time, when entering the next races. You will need to unlock new cars so you can continue to compete with mafia bosses. Press and hold the accelerator pedal continuously until you reach the finish line. Feel the gear changes and the roar of the car on the track. Reach the finish line with the lead and win spectacularly.Top Speed ​​Mod APK

20 opponents, driving skills

The race of Top Speed ​​Mod takes place in an attractive 1vs1 style. Your opponents are notorious mafia bosses. In every race that takes place, you compete against one of 20 bosses. They are all professional racers, owning racing cars with strong performance. If you want to win, you need a flexible combination of shifting and increasing speed. For example, when reaching a certain speed, the rpm reaches the limit. You need to quickly change gears to help the speed of the tank increase. Requires your controls to be agile. Because just a few centimeters difference is also a difference. It requires the technique, precision, and courage of the racer to pass. Combine using nitro when needed, helping you reach the finish line faster.Tai Top Speed ​​Mod

69 unique racing cars

Own 69 unique racing cars. From classic cars to modern supercars. You can even drive a police car to participate in dramatic races. Each car of Top Speed ​​Mod is equipped with a different engine, appearance, and performance. You can view details of each vehicle’s specifications through My Car. Check the speed, transmission, weight, and power in each vehicle. Choose for yourself the desired car, unlock them with the accumulated bonus amount. That helps you increase the excitement in the next races. Because I can drive the car I love. Race against time and overtake your opponents, reach the finish line to become the winner.Download Top Speed ​​Mod

Upgrade Car

Besides choosing for yourself a favorite car. Players need to upgrade their racing cars to increase their performance. Top Speed ​​Mod provides a wide range of spare parts for you to upgrade. Includes tires, nitro, exhaust, engine, transmission, air filter. Each part of the vehicle after being upgraded will change certain performance. For example, tires will help the car grip the road better, the gearbox helps the car reduce the time to change gears quickly and flexibly. Especially the engine after being upgraded will increase the maximum speed. Or nitro will increase the time to use longer. Besides, you can change the appearance of the car in a personalized style. Choose the right paint color, add a few favorite stickers. This will help the car stand out on the track with an impressive appearance.Top Speed ​​Mod

Not only experience the speed race. You can also explore 5 impressive maps of Top Speed ​​Mod. From the glitzy, vibrant downtown of the city to the rustic suburbs. Race on the aircraft carrier, over the challenging seaport. Explore the region of Asia Minor, a place where China and the Western world merge. In particular, each area is realistically designed and inspired by reality. With the surrounding background engraved, they are extremely lively. Combine day, night, and changing weather, giving you an enjoyable experience. Along with the roaring sound of the exhaust pipe and the car engine. Makes you feel like you’re driving a real car.

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