Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod APK 2.2.14 (Unlocked)
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod APK 2.2.14 (Unlocked)

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod APK 2.2.14 (Unlocked)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Version 2.2.14
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 207M
Requires Android 5.1
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Kiary games
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod is a puzzle game that has won many awards. Joining it, you not only enjoy an immersive 3D experience, but you can also explore the series of mystery stories as a detective. The game offers many interesting contexts where you can interact and open up many answers through many rotation angles. Every object you see may be part of a story. So think about it in many different relationships with surrounding objects and tie things together to answer every puzzle. Yes, you just need to touch the screen to play, it’s idle gameplay. But you have to use your mind and imagination to overcome all the difficult situations in the game.

Download Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod – A 3D puzzle game with classic point&click mechanics

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery was first released in June 2019 by publisher Vasily Povalyaev. It is available on many popular platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and most recently Android and iOS. With the mobile version, it is published by Kiary games and is available to download for free. This game stands out with its innovative logic puzzle gameplay and high-end 3D graphics style. Thanks to that, it has won many awards, typically Best Indie Game – Google Play 2019, Best Mobile Game – DevGAMM’2019, Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) – DevGAMM’2019…

Thanks to that, it also quickly reached more than 5 million installs on Google Play and a series of positive comments from fans. Therefore, we think it deserves to be in your mobile game collection. So, let’s explore more about it now.


Become a detective and explore the empty city

At the beginning of the game, the main character, introduced as a private detective, has just received a letter from his father with a mysterious request for help. After that, he rushes back to the small town “Redcliff” and begins the investigation to solve all those mysteries. And you are the one who will accompany him this time. Returning to the small town, you realize that there are no residents here. Everything in front of it is just empty buildings and a series of secrets hidden within it. So, what do you do next?

As a detective, the player needs to explore the town of Redcliff to find the answer to the sudden disappearance of his father and others. Let’s start with a few small houses along two streets, then buildings, abandoned factories, or even a small forest. Touch the 3D models on the screen with your finger, rotate it your way, touch the objects inside and see how they play out.


Challenging but meaningful logic puzzle gameplay

Challenging logic puzzles are the highlight of Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod. They require players to use their minds to connect the disjointed implications to find the final solution. Everything on the model is magically interoperable and can open up new moves. But only a few possibilities are correct, so try again and again until you really conquer them.

After solving one puzzle, the player can continue to unlock the next puzzle in a different setting. The context system in the game is really unique, they are 3D models with creative design. You can find a room with many familiar objects or an ancient vault with mysterious stone walls. Besides, many other contexts are also available to explore as you go through the chapters of the game one by one.


Creative graphics on 3D platform

Talking about the graphic style, we want to commend Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. It really impresses you with the 3D building models. Besides, it also integrates many rotation angles so that players can easily observe the entire model from top to bottom, from bottom to top, from left to right… In addition, every detail of the model is also described sharply and meticulously. As a result, it highlights the mysterious and classic beauty of buildings, tunnels, factories, etc. From there, it contributes to a vivid description of the game world and the content that the game wants to convey. Besides, the sound is also part of the success of this game. It is gentle, melodious music that makes everyone feel relaxed. Moreover, it is really great for creating excitement and stimulating creative thinking.

Finally, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod is a perfect game that you should not miss. Challenging yet addictive puzzles that can keep you entertained for hours every day. They will lead you to 3D adventures where you can interact infinitely with objects. Thanks to that, you can fully enjoy the unique and meaningful stories.

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