Tiny Landlord Mod APK 2.1.4 (Free Shopping)
Tiny Landlord Mod APK 2.1.4 (Free Shopping)

Tiny Landlord Mod APK 2.1.4 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - January 15, 2022
Name Tiny Landlord: Idle City Sim
Version 2.1.4
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 173MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher PlayCade Interactive
Update January 15, 2022 (3 days ago )

Tiny Landlord Mod is a construction simulation game. With the scene unfolding in a city, with empty plots of land. You as a city manager. Have the task of building constructions, creating a beautiful city. Meeting people’s daily living and social security needs. At the same time, it is constantly developing to attract more people to the city to live. This is an idle, city-building-style game. You are free to decide to build any structure on each vacant plot. Make activities happen in the city with fun events. However, if you want to become a rich tycoon. You will have to please the citizens living in each neighborhood.

Download Tiny Landlord Mod – Build and Develop a Beautiful City

Start working as a manager in Tiny Landlord Mod. In each empty plot of land, you choose different buildings to build. Houses, apartments, shops, industrial parks, hospitals, amusement parks, etc. In order for your city to grow, you will have to build a full range of buildings. For the purpose of serving all citizens. Every building is built, not just to achieve the completion of a city. Their main purpose is to serve the citizens. Build stores to serve the needs of using necessary goods. The industrial park is the factor that helps attract all citizens to your city. They will need to work to live, which in turn will help your city grow. Remember, a city’s growth is not only reflected in the number of buildings.Tiny Landlord Mod

City decoration

Besides building the works of Tiny Landlord Mod. You can decorate and beautify your city. To turn this place into a dream city. By building the location of the works in a reasonable way. Dividing vacant land into suitable construction sites. For example, the location of an apartment building will not be near industrial zones. Instead, there are convenience stores, hospitals, amusement parks. At the same time beautify the city by planting trees by the roadside. Build light poles so that the tower lights the way when night falls. Beautify the city with gadgets. Make every citizen feel like your city is a great place to live.Tiny Landlord Mod

Make money from construction works

To develop the city, as well as maintain the activities taking place in Tiny Landlord Mod. You will need to increase profits to make the city a major hub. At first, you will have a small amount of capital to start realizing your dream. Build each project in turn to serve the living citizens. From there, the money will automatically increase over time. Build more big buildings, the more people you will attract to the city. Very soon, the money spent will be recovered. At the same time, profits will grow faster and faster. Overcoming the initial difficult period, when you reach a certain stage, you will own a huge fortune. Continue to use the money to invest or support citizens in need. Then you can create a prosperous city. Respected by all people.Download Tiny Landlord Mod

Upgrade buildings, open more services

Challenge yourself in money management. At Tiny Landlord Mod, you can use the money to perform many different activities. As a city manager, you will have to know how to spend money and invest in potential activities. Don’t forget to upgrade the constructions to get bigger profits over time. At the same time, improving the lives of citizens, by establishing many services. Unlock public transport to support people to move more conveniently. Or as the city grows, the lives of its citizens also improve. That means their demand will increase. At this time, you can open stations and parking lots to get more new profits.Game Tiny Landlord Mod

After building your own city with daily activities. With economic development, people’s living standards are also increased. You can enjoy great moments to see the results you achieve. At Tiny Landlord Mod, you can use cars to explore the city on beautiful roads. Or control a helicopter flying in the vast sky. See the city from the air with high-rise buildings, and activities of all citizens.

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