The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod APK 2.3.0 (MENU, DMG MULTIPLE, DEFENSE MULTIPLE)
The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod APK 2.3.0 (MENU, DMG MULTIPLE, DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod APK 2.3.0 (MENU, DMG MULTIPLE, DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

By CBCC - January 19, 2022
Name The Walking Dead: Survivors
Version 2.3.0
Size 95MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Galaxy Play Technology Limited
Update January 19, 2022 (7 days ago )

Enter the survival battle of The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod to start the war between the living and the mummies. Play as a hero, your mission is to recruit iconic characters. Or accompany other online players to fight together against the onslaught of Zombies. Not only protect yourself but also many other tasks for you to perform. Build strategies, upgrade characters, collect resources and items to survive in this harsh environment. A series of dangerous battlefields, with countless challenges around. If you lose focus or are not careful, your hero can lose his life at any time.

Download The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod – Survival War With Zombies

The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod opens a storyline after the Zombie pandemic. Many people lost their lives and became mummies. They attack survivors to spread the disease. Join the game, you play as one of the survivors. With a mission to survive and destroy all zombies. This is a fight for survival, taking place extremely cruel and dramatic. Players can decide for themselves with their choices. Destroy the uninvited, establish a new world. Or form alliances with other players around the world, become teammates and join the battle together. Pay attention every time you make a decision because it will change the character’s development later.Download The Walking Dead Survivors Mod

Strategy development

Starting from the settlement of The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod. The zombies appear, they find life and unleash fierce attacks. Your task is to establish a defense system, build strong bases to protect yourself. Also recruit iconic characters, using their special skills to attack. Destroy the entire Zombie force, causing them to be completely defeated. If you feel unable to fight back, you can look for other survivors. Together they form an alliance with the common goal of saving lives.Game The Walking Dead Survivors Mod

Form an alliance or build an army

The battle of The Walking Dead: Survivors Modd takes place extremely dramatically. You do not have time to hesitate, because if the ceiling is deducted, you will have to pay a pretty expensive price or even lose your life. There are 2 options for you to fight and survive in a dangerous environment. Form alliances with other players, together with them build a solid defense system. Destroy all zombies who intend to attack the base. Or recruit characters, create a powerful fighting army. Actively participate in Zombie wars. Challenge yourself, use brute force to conquer the lands occupied by zombies. No matter which decision you choose, you must find a way to survive. Because if you lose your life, this war is considered over.The Walking Dead Mod

Be cautious when meeting other players, build a clan

In the battle for the survival of The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod, you are not the only survivor. On your journey to find life, you will meet many other online players. Maybe join them to form an alliance to fight or become enemies with no like-mindedness. However, you need to be mindful of the people you meet. Not everyone has good intentions to go with, they can stab you in the back. They will even kill you and rob you of the valuable resources you’ve collected for so long. In addition, you can create a clan, invite other players to join. Together with them develop a strong clan, by constructing buildings. Defeat zombies to expand your territory and collect valuable resources.

Characters and upgrades

The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod is inspired by The Walking Dead comic series of publisher Skybound Entertainment. Therefore, the game offers you a series of iconic characters. For example, Rick, Michonne, Glenn, … and many other characters. Each character has its own fighting ability and skill set. You can recruit them to participate in the battle for survival. Through the wars, the zombie army is getting stronger and stronger. You need to upgrade your character and develop your strength to face the challenge.Ear The Walking Dead Survivors Mod

Coming to The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod you are provided with a diverse map system. Each map is a large area, with a lot of activity going on. In that one map, you can collect a lot of rare resources, valuable items. Use them to upgrade and develop your character. In addition, build a strong clan to compete with other clans. Establish an empire and take control of the city.

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