TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.18 (Unlimited Genesis)
TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.18 (Unlimited Genesis)

TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.18 (Unlimited Genesis)

By LMH - December 20, 2021
Name TerraGenesis - Space Settlers
Version 6.18
MOD Features Unlimited Genesis
Size 58MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Tilting Point
Update December 20, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

TerraGenesis Mod is a simulation game released by Tilting Point, the game is inspired by the vast reality universe and fiction movies. The game has a new world style, so since its launch, it has attracted a lot of people’s downloads and is widely distributed around the world, currently, TerraGenesis Mod is released for free on the platform. Android makes it easy for players to download and experience. Is the planet we live on today the only life-giving sphere in the universe? That is a question that people have always wondered and sought answers to from time immemorial, with today’s modern development technology along with advanced techniques that people create to help humanity. find the answer.

Download TerraGenesis Mod – Finding and Developing New Planets

The story begins when technology, technology, and modern human development have reached their peak, industrial parks are crowded, and the forests that are considered the lungs of the world are destroyed. , landfills piled up without timely treatment. When the environment was polluted, the air became toxic. At this time, the earth began to show signs of destruction when earthquakes and tsunamis occurred continuously. Faced with the danger of humanity’s extinction, humans have begun to think of a new solution that is to send astronauts to space in search of a new planet with life and meet the same requirements as on that earth. water, air, earth, etc. to start a new page of human history.

TerraGenesis mod

Development of living environment

Using real data from NASA with bio-seeds that can grow from space and realistic animations, everything is rooted in science to grow. Starting to participate in TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod, players will have to choose one of four interstellar fronts, each with different attributes and characteristics so you can build houses for yourself. everybody. Next, you need to develop the planet by planting seeds and creating habitats with air pressure suitable for the human respiratory system. Besides, players can manage resources and change the properties of the planet such as air pressure, sea level, oxygen.

Explore the planets

TerraGenesis allows players to create different planets and place them in the solar system to develop new worlds. In addition, players will discover and learn new things in the universe.

  • Explore planets in the solar system including Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Venus.
  • Besides, you will discover secrets on the Trappist planet such as Aja, Huanca, Ostara, Aranyani, Damu, Asintmah, Ruaumoko.
  • Experience on the dwarf planet, including Charon, Makemake, Pluto, Sedna, Eris, Ceres.
  • Build civilizations on fictional planets like Pontus, Boreas, Bacchus, Lethe, Ragnarok.

TerraGenesis mod apk

26 ecosystems and 64 genes

Every day players will have to complete the assigned tasks, develop, improve everything with the aim of saving humanity. TerraGenesis Mod has 26 different ecosystems with 64 different genes to help players feel free to use and develop the planet to become more diverse and richer. Let’s build second earth that has the right thickness, elevation, and depth, and shallowness of the sea surface.

3D graphic design

Unique 3D graphic design, helping players have a realistic feel from the universe. The developer of Tilting Point has meticulously refined every detail and angle of the game so that you have an enjoyable experience and have a new perspective on the universe. Combined with attractive effects, players can feel from entering the game with the rotation of the planet. Along with quality sound transforms rhythmic melodies that contribute to a lively and attractive game.

TerraGenesis mod icon

When downloading the Mod version of the game TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod, players will experience the unlimited money feature when you can freely use the money to buy seeds and necessary items to help develop the planet. his crystal. Along with the unlock feature, all players will be able to unlock planets, explore everything without limits. The game will help you have relaxing moments when exploring the vast universe and saving humanity.

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