TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod Apk 1.7.9 (Auto win)
TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod Apk 1.7.9 (Auto win)

TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod Apk 1.7.9 (Auto win)

By lyly - August 19, 2022
Name TenSura Lord of Tempest
Version 1.7.9
MOD Features Auto Win
Size 76M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher mobcast
Genre ,
Update August 19, 2022 (4 weeks ago )
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Tensura Lord of Tempest Mod is an attractive role-playing game, released by mobcast. In the Tensura Lord of Tempest Mod, you can create and build an entire city and town. In the game will be a story with full of attractive colors, along with full of magic around you

Game Introduction Tensura Lord of Tempest

Plot of game

The theme of reincarnation is recreated in this game. The story begins with a little worker being destroyed. After that, the guy is reborn and comes back with a completely different appearance. It’s like a monster full of slime around the body. In this new world. This person has a pretty special superpower, which is being able to eat everything he sees. From this strange story that has inspired the theme of reincarnation for this game. In the game Tensura Lord of Tempest, you will be transformed into slime characters and unleashed in your world. This is a whole new world, all extremely strange and unique monsters.

TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod Apk {{version}} (Auto win)

Master your world of reincarnation

In this strange simulation world, which will open up to you countless new things. You will build your own village, town, city. Missions in the game are also rich with many different levels waiting for you to complete. You will be able to enjoy the features in the game, along with extremely realistic characters. With the unique shapes of slimes will make you curious and excited to explore.

Incarnate with a cast of characters

In the game Tensura Lord of Tempest, players can play the role of many different characters. You can play the role of a powerful protagonist in this reborn world. This is the person who has been instrumental in the work of building cities in this new world. 

Create your own stylish city

In the world of Tensura Lord of Tempest, you can create your own town and city. In addition to the mission of fighting evil monsters out there, you have many other missions waiting for you. That is collecting materials and resources to be able to build small villages. This is also a way for you to accumulate your strength.

Interesting superpowers

A superpower that cannot be ignored is that you can eat enemies. This strength of yours will increase exponentially when you train a lot. Hunting is the main purpose that you need to fulfill in this world.

Tensura Lord of Tempest Mod

Colorful world

With a bright and colorful in-game interface. Tensura Lord of Tempest creates a joyful world. The image of the character shaped as a cute chibi is also a highlight for this colorful world.  Sound and color combine to create a unique rebirth fantasy world.

1. Is TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod safe for your Android phone?

Safe of course. The MOD APK version of TenSura Lord of Tempest only adjusted some features to give you a better experience. You should download the MOD APK file on lmhmod.com to be safe.

2. Can TenSura Lord of Tempest be used on PC? 

Okay. You can use phone emulator software on a PC. We have provided you in the Download section. You can download and use it for free.

3. Is there a fee for TenSura Lord of Tempest?

The game allows free download. If you want to use the full version, you can download our MOD version. TenSura Lord of Tempest Mod has very good Mod features.

4. Is TenSura Lord of Tempest playable on IOS?

TenSura Lord of Tempest is not currently released on iOS, so there is no installation for you to experience. Hopefully in the near future it will soon be launched for you to experience iPhone users.

5. What are the advantages of downloading a Mod Apk file?

You own the file and can completely use it on demand, regardless of the 3rd party. In addition, you can install it again and again even when there is no network.

Download Tensura Lord of Tempest Mod Apk game for Android iOS

If you are a lover of the role-playing anime genre, then Tensura Lord of Tempest will be the game for you. With bright and cute in-game graphics and colors. The gameplay is also attractive, bringing a lot of fun when participating in the game. Download Tensura Lord of Tempest now to experience a colorful fantasy world.

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