Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2
Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2

Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2

By naomi988 - July 28, 2022
Name Teaching Feeling
Version 2.5.2
MOD Features N/A
Size 753M
Requires Android 4.3
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher FreakilyCharming
Genre ,
Update July 28, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Teaching Feeling game brings you beautiful girl images from Japan. With the updated versions now available in Vietnamese, suitable for Vietnamese people. To understand more about the game, you can find out the information below the article.

About the game Teaching Feeling

With easy-to-understand and concise story content, players will immediately grasp where the situation in the game comes from. As a doctor, little Sylvie is a gift from a past patient that you have treated. In addition, in the process of living with the former owner, this girl had painful memories that she wanted to forget.

What the player has to do at the moment is to talk, make friends and build trust with her. It will eventually become the end of the love everyone secretly wishes for when crossing the dreaded first 15 days.


In Teaching Feeling, the job assigned to you is to help the little girl Sylvie restore her psyche and health created by her previous negative life. From there, you also receive the rewards that life brings. You also have the ability to choose a player depending on how you reason and how you want to play. This is a situational choice game, at the beginning you can have 3 decisions: chat, pat Sylvie’s head or touch Sylvie’s body. Picking one of the three takes things in completely different directions.

Recreate everyday life

The job to do in Teaching Feeling is of course taking care of Sylvie, but you also have to maintain a daily life. Work to earn money to spend on your needs and little Sylvie. Besides, she came into your life more than a slave. It’s like a soulmate, a light to your lonely life.

Or live with Sylvie and behave well, slowly she will open her heart and bring many interesting interactions, true to the 18+ mark that the game has set out. This game is similar to Dream Girlfriend, Booty Calls, Pocket Waifu.

In addition, your life not only revolves around Sylvie, there are many interesting things out there and unexpected relationships. Remember to go outside to learn them.

Some tips when playing

Even if it’s just a game of choice, countless players will lose after only 15 days of living with her. The reason was that Sylvie was suffering from an incurable illness and could not get over it.

The first and most important factor: never touch the “touch” button. As mentioned above, Sylvie is inherently weak and in need of care, if you have any desire for her, it will be very bad news, Sylvie is likely to fall ill and die. Continually talk and pat her on the head and show empathy. If you are cared for and cared for a lot, Sylvie will also open up to you more. She will offer to help her master and go outside to play.

Teaching Feeling has a bar showing intimacy, your level of intimacy with the girl will be shown by the above score. Follow Sylvie’s requests and keep intimacy above 50, and prioritize choices that increase this stat. Don’t stop being nice to her until the 15th day, Sylvie will get sick. Now, when the intimacy score is above 50, choose a cure for her illness and she will survive these first 15 days of thorns.

FAQs about Teaching Feeling

Is the game safe for users?

Teaching Feeling APK is an extremely safe game for users’ devices. LMHMOD always owns a team of experienced technicians, always censoring applications and games thoroughly before delivering to users. So you can rest assured in this regard.

Does Teaching Feeling cost download?

Teaching Feeling APK is provided completely free of charge by the LMHMOD website for players. You can download and experience this extremely attractive game without paying any cost at all.

What age is the game suitable for?

The publisher makes the game request suitable for people over 18 years old. The reason the game has 18+ visual elements is not suitable for children. Therefore, parents should consider when letting their children participate in this game.

Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Teaching Feeling MOD game gives players relaxation with sharp images. Besides, the attractive gameplay has created a diverse game for users. Download the game MOD version at LMHMOD to experience it right away.

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