Taxi Sim 2020 Mod APK 1.3.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)
Taxi Sim 2020 Mod APK 1.3.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

Taxi Sim 2020 Mod APK 1.3.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

By thetoan - July 29, 2022
Name Taxi Sim 2022
Version 1.3.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Fuel
Size 748MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Genre ,
Update July 29, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is a super realistic taxi driving simulation game. You can experience the journey of driving and transporting customers to many famous locations in major cities. The gameplay mechanism of the game is similar to the real-life taxi service. You delight your customers by getting them to the right place, on time, and, of course, safely. Customers will then pay you to upgrade vehicles, unlock new cars and new maps. So what you need to care about is location, speed, and safety. Know how to balance these factors to complete your tasks well and satisfy the most demanding customers.

Download Taxi Sim 2022 Mod – Try the feeling of becoming a taxi driver

As you know, being a taxi driver is one of the most popular professions today. But not everyone can own a taxi and try driving it on the street without a license. So how do experience the feeling of driving easily and realistically? The main answer is Taxi Sim 2022, a simulation game from the publisher Ovidiu Pop. You can immediately download this game to your device at Google Play or from our website (Mod APK version). And you will find a super realistic driving experience around the big cities. Besides, you can become a driver with the job of taking customers every day. Maybe you will learn something useful in driving, customer service, and car upgrade decisions.


Learn how to be a talented driver

Forget about the thrilling highway races for a while and try your hand at taxi driving. You will start by choosing a car, picking up passengers, driving to the required location, receiving money, and returning to the starting place. So it’s not like how you race in the fierce races, where speed determines everything. Here, speed is one of the important factors, but there are many other constraints that you need to take care of. In order to satisfy customers, you need to ensure that their requirements are met. Customers are very diverse, so you will receive a lot of different requests. Some customers will only be interested in the location, as long as you can get them to the required place. Meanwhile, some other customers will be interested in traffic rules, they will be annoyed when you run a red light or collide with another car…

So it’s not easy to please everyone. But the better you do, the more money you get. Learn how to be patient enough to take control of any situation. Although you don’t need a driver’s license, make sure you understand the traffic rules of the road. There will be police cars patrolling regularly and you certainly don’t want to get in trouble with them. The vehicle control mechanism in Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is also relatively simple. The main operations are to control the steering wheel, turn the car left or right, honk the horn, stop the car, open the car door, close the car door… So it’s not too difficult for you to approach the game right from the first time you play.


A unique collection of cars and accessories

If you are satisfied with your old taxi, you can simply customize it with a few accessories. There will be many options for car paint colors, wheels, logos, branding… to personalize your car. And if you feel like you need something new, you can use the money to unlock new taxis. In the store, you will find many unique models from ordinary taxis to SUVs, sports cars, racing cars… The new cars will have many impressive features not only in appearance but also in engine sound.

When unlocking new cars, you can also get more and better customers, even VIP customers. They will have more difficult requirements for you, but with that comes more money. So upgrade your experience to discover many exciting new missions. They will keep you excited to play games for a long time.


Diverse backgrounds, high-quality graphics

In addition to the surreal driving mechanism, Taxi Sim 2022 also surprises gamers with a thoughtful investment in graphics. Especially in the context, this game realistically depicts the biggest cities like New York, Miami, Rome, or Los Angeles. Besides, the scenes around the street such as trees, houses, traffic signs, people, vehicles… all look incredibly realistic. In addition, in terms of sound, you can listen to the engine sound and vibrant background music. Everything comes together to create the perfect driving experience you’ve always wanted.

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod is really a great choice for every gamer. You can find surreal driving experiences on high-end 3D graphics platforms. It has vivid images, diverse backgrounds, unique weather effects, and the best collection of cars. So it will surely satisfy the most demanding gamers, the same way you please your VIP customers as a taxi driver.

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