Tap Titans 2 Mod APK 5.7.0 (Menu, Unlimited Coins)

By LMH - July 22, 2021
Tap Titans 2 Mod APK 5.7.0 (Menu, Unlimited Coins)
Name Tap Titans 2
Version 5.7.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Coins
Size 135MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Update July 22, 2021 (2 days ago)


  • Unlimited Money, Coins
  • Note: Coins increase when spent


  • Ads are disabled;
  • After starting the game, click the round button on the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
  1. Infinite energy (unused when in use);
  2. Gold is not spent;
  3. Disable recharge skill;
  4. Activate all bonuses of all equipment sets (  turn on immediately after starting the game, namely after the splash screen appears);
  5. Battles with only bosses;
  6. Increase the level of the hero’s weapon and reel (  turn on immediately after starting the game, specifically after the splash screen appears).


1. Mod Menu
2. Coins Increase
3. Coins not decrease
4. Mana not decrease
5. No Skill Cooldown
6. Vip Features Enabled
7. Fairy Video Skip
8. Pet auto attack is active
9. Auto upgrade heros after prestige is active
10. Unlimited Fairys
11. All item sets bonus is active //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded (No working for relics boost)
12. Only fight with bosses
13. Hero scrolls level (0-100) // 0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded,
14. Hero weapons level (0-100) //0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded
15. Instant Max Stage //Kill a boss to get instantly to your max stage
16, Free Passive Skill Upgrade //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded, the mod will upgrade it for your account so pay attemption to ban risk
17. Auto Buy Always Avaiable

Note: If you enable Coins Increase and Coins not decrease at the same time Coins not decrease take priority
Note2: A trick to use mods that works only if enabled before game load is enable the chosed mod then Disable/Enable Scientific Notation because it will reload the game


Tap Titans 2 Mod is an attractive action role-playing game for phones, this is the second version after the success of the first. The game has been upgraded a lot in terms of both visuals and content. Players will be playing the role of warriors to destroy giant demons. The Titans have great power, with the power of the monsters increasing with each level. Hack Tap Titans 2 you can download very easily to be able to try playing, like downloading on Wed, on the Google Play Store, or the App Store. As well as the first version of the game developed by the famous game company, Game Hive Corporation. The game will not disappoint you, has well-designed content but has a control system that is not too complicated but extremely easy.

Download Tap Titans 2 Mod – Kill Giant Monsters

Role-playing as a character in the game Tap Titans 2 Mod you will transform into a hero using a sword with his ability to fight. Defeat giant monsters, ferocious Titans with equipped weapons. The urgent thing is always to practice your own strength and skills to progress day by day through the levels to have the ability to grow stronger and destroy the evil Titans who also get stronger through each stage. And of course, to attack those monsters you need to press, click on the monster or the screen for your character to swing the sword. The faster you press, the more damage the monster takes, so try your best to quickly kill the monster. In this game, you can even use all your fingers to make multiple attacks.

Tap Titans 2 mod

Entering the match of Tap Titans 2 You will fight the giant monster Titans in the order of the pre-designed gates. But it’s not just a monster, it’s not that easy, but you’ll have to go through many gates and gradually lead those monsters to become stronger and stronger. And in each gate, there will be a boss who is the strongest one along with some extra monsters. So if you want to win, don’t be subjective. If you do not have enough fighting strength to be able to pass the next screen, you can return to the previous screen to fight again to receive rewards and money. Upgrading equipment helps you gain strength that can fight the next Titan monsters.

Game Tap Titans 2 Mod

Power Upgrading

With giant monsters that have extraordinary strength but also have increasing ability when passing through the gates, it is also necessary for your battle character to increase strength. Otherwise, it will not be possible to defeat those monsters. Hack Tap Titans 2 is also designed to be able to power up through attributes and skills just by raising it. Strong enemies will also be attractive and there are new ones, even with the touches to attack but will make you enjoy it. And if you upgrade, to a level you will have a companion for you, it will help you with a lot of things to support you in terms of increasing attack or defense. It also has a healing skill to help you, and it also has the ability to be upgraded to be able to support you more.

Tap Titans 2 mod apk

Graphic design

Tap Titans 2 Mod does not have too much color in terms of movement, but it is specially designed to depict fierce battles. Brave warriors with different character costumes and equipment. Fight monsters with ugly images, but are animated so it looks very artistic. And each gate will be completely replaced the scene with different monsters. You can freely swipe the screen to attack, optimizing the possibility of errors when touching the screen too much.

Tap Titans 2 mod android

When playing the game Tap Titans 2 Mod you will meet giant monsters with extraordinary strength. They are getting stronger and stronger, you are a small warrior character that will be difficult to beat, so it is very important to upgrade your strength. Upgrade to the strongest possible state to destroy the enemy, but to upgrade, you must get money. With this version, you will have for yourself Unlimited Money comfortably upgrade your character to the highest level to win the wars. No more pressure to earn, it’s only up to your ability to become the strongest warrior.