Tank Stars Mod APK 1.6.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Car)
Tank Stars Mod APK 1.6.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Car)

Tank Stars Mod APK 1.6.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Car)

By LMH - November 25, 2021
Name Tank Stars
Version 1.6.1
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Car
Size 126MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Playgendary
Update November 25, 2021 (5 days ago )

A famous coordinate shooting game on the mobile platform. Tank Stars is a shooting game, but the special thing about this game is the battle between tanks. Here players will choose for themselves a tank as they like and begin the journey to destroy the enemy. Online game modes for players to experience extremely interesting. I am extremely excited because this mode allows me and my friends to fight together in team mode. Customize the tank to your style, win each battle you will have money and this money will be used to buy more powerful and beautiful tanks. Different terrain maps give players different experiences. You need to understand the characteristics of each terrain map to be able to choose the right tanks.

Download Tank Stars Mod – Aggressive tanks in rough terrain

The tanks are designed with an extremely strong and dynamic crawler system. Players will experience extremely modern tanks on treacherous terrains. Hack Tank Stars integrates all the latest and most advanced tanks in the world. Launched nearly 7 years ago, this gameplay has earned more than 100 million downloads on mobile, hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. Give players a sense of security and confidence every time they play the game. This is not a melee shooter game that shoots will be counted in the order of each player’s turn. If you are someone who has played the legendary coordinates shooting game on mobile that stirred up the whole world for a while, then surely this game will be no stranger to you. With gameplay similar to Mobi army, but keeping up with the trend of technology development, this game has integrated many modes as well as the most advanced tank system in the world. Choose a tank you like and fight right away.

Tank Stars Mod

Online and offline game modes are extremely attractive

These two game modes are extremely attractive and they will certainly be suitable for each situation as well as the needs of each player. However, regardless of the mode, Tank Stars Mod still gives players the best experience. If you like drama, want to play with your friends, and compete with online players around the world. Then the online mode will be very suitable for you. If you only need entertainment after hours of study and stressful work, choose the offline game mode. Both of these modes have one thing in common, which is that the gameplay and conditions to play are not much different. You can still experience the best features in these 2 modes. If you want to meet the admin in the arena, choose online mode.

Choose your tank, equip and upgrade your steed

The tank does not play a big role in making your victory but it is an indispensable thing when playing the game. A good tank will be the engine to push your victory closer. There are terrain maps that are rugged, rough, difficult to move, you need tanks with fast-moving speed. The firing range of the tank is also extremely important and so is the rotation angle of the gun. Each tank will have its own characteristics and characteristics. Let’s learn carefully and recognize their strengths and weaknesses to be able to maximize their strength in each match.

Game Tank Stars mod

Tank Stars is really a great success of the game publisher. Players are free to experience the most modern tanks in the world with many different game modes. Tank Stars Mod takes players to a completely different game mode. Here players will feel much easier to breathe in each tank battle. Enjoy free shopping, equipment, and upgrades for your tank to become a powerful steed. Immediately download this mod version to your computer and play the game with the admin right away.

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