Tank Firing Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Reward)
Tank Firing Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Reward)

Tank Firing Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Reward)

By CBCC - November 14, 2021
Name Tank Firing
Version 1.7.1
MOD Features Free Reward
Size 371MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher RavenGame
Update November 14, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Tank Firing Mod is inspired by army tanks. As a premise for RavenGame developers to build extremely attractive fighting gameplay. Brings you to dramatic tank battles on the open battlefield. Move to every location to find enemies, aim accurately to fire. In particular, the gameplay of the game takes place in an attractive 5vs5 mode. You and your teammates fight the opposing faction. Requires high teamwork, with reasonable tactics. Support each other in the fight, knocking down enemy tanks as much as possible. Win to move on to even more dramatic battles. Let’s join the game to control the battle tank as an army soldier.

Download Tank Firing Mod – Battle Of Tanks In 5vs5 Mode

Tank Firing Mod opens up dramatic 5vs5 battles. Here, you enter the war with teammates, they are online players. Fight the enemy together by controlling the tanks. Move to every location on the battlefield to search for targets. Defeat enemies with powerful firepower put them on the counting board. Combining tactical elements in each battle, everyone fights together to win. Your enemies are other online players. They possess powerful tanks that attack against you. Along with seasoned experience, sometimes puts your side in danger. It is even possible to be constantly on the scoreboard and have no chance of winning.Download Tank Firing Mod

Attractive gameplay

The gameplay of Tank Firing Mod takes place in real-time. Your and your opponent’s side enter the battlefield with a 10-minute time-lapse. During that time, the two sides will fight dramatically with the control of tanks. Attack the target with powerful firepower. Each destroyed tank will be counted on the board. Then some time will respawn and continue the fight. The battle is extremely fierce, requiring the control skills and tactics of each faction. Besides focusing on fighting, you need to learn how to defend. Move flexibly on the battlefield so that the enemy cannot aim accurately. Especially the game simulates realistic flight bullets. The fight only stops when the time is up. The side that destroys more tanks wins.Tank Firing Mod

The flexible control mechanism, time to wait for each shot

The highlight of the Tank Firing Mod is the control system, which is simulated very realistically. Help you easily control the tank flexibly on the battlefield. With the virtual joystick key displayed on the left side of the device. Helps you move and navigate the tank at will. Combined with battle icons such as a reticle, missiles are displayed on the right side of the screen. Each icon has its own role. For example, the reticle helps you aim more accurately at long distances. Causes enemies to be shot down at any time. Or the rocket icon is used to fire. After aiming accurately, tap on it to use the tank’s firepower. However, each use of firepower will require a timeout. You cannot continuously attack, instead have to wait a few seconds. Only then can you continue to attack the enemy.Game Tank Firing Mod

Game mode

Not only has a single game mode, but Tank Firing Mod also provides you with a lot of interesting modes. Takes you to participate in many fierce battles. Each mode has its own gameplay, with many attractive rewards after winning. No matter which model you play, the target is still enemy tanks. Use your own fighting skills, combine the power of the tank you own. Defeat enemies with deadly firepower, destroying their tanks. Simultaneously win the battlefield and become a master tank driver. Be known by other players and earn respect from everyone.Ear Tank Firing Mod

Possessing a diverse tank system, Tank Firing Mod opens a list of powerful tanks. Examples include Menzoda, Bento 212, Ponchitox, Lester, and many more. Each tank possesses different power and damage. Along with a very unique design personality. Choosing a favorite tank will help you have your own battles. Combines quality 3D sound shown through each turn of the tank’s firepower. Or the explosions throughout the war of the chariots. Along with extremely vividly designed HD graphics. Make you feel like you are fighting on a real battlefield.

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