Tangle Master 3D Mod APK 37.2.0 (Unlimited Money)
Tangle Master 3D Mod APK 37.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Tangle Master 3D Mod APK 37.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - May 7, 2022
Name Tangle Master 3D
Version 37.2.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 103MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Zynga
Update May 7, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Tangle Master 3D Mod has an interesting puzzle style, joining the game you will become a debugger. Here you will enter a vivid world and admire many different colors. With a fairly simple task, it is to untangle the colorful ropes from each other. The game takes you to your own challenge, requiring players to be calm. And the ability to think to find a solution. Although the gameplay of the game is quite simple, it attracts a lot of participants. During the debugging process, players need to make smart moves. And make the most accurate decision, to be able to untangle the rope quickly.

Download Tangle Master 3D Mod – Untangle the Rope

Inspired by reality, in some cases, you will encounter situations that are very difficult to deal with. At this point, players need to focus on thinking and come up with an appropriate plan. Coming to Tangle Master 3D Mod you will challenge with the ropes. They are crossed and tied together miscellaneously. Makes it look very confusing and sometimes players won’t know where to start. Then you will have to work your brain seriously, to figure out how to troubleshoot. Besides, the forging game will help you improve your thinking ability and practice perseverance. Not stopping there, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase each time you step to the next level. At this point, the ropes will have more colors that are difficult to see and miscellaneously squeezed together.Tangle Master 3D Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of the Tangle Master 3D Mod is quite simple. You just need to perform simple operations, that is, touch and swipe on the screen. To move the ropes and interact with the game. Entering the game screen, a horizontal metal bar will appear on the screen. It hangs ropes of different colors. Along with that, below the ropes, there are 5 locking buttons, corresponding to 5 positions for you to move. Especially the number of moves is limited, making you move in the most accurate way. However, players will not be limited in time and can think carefully before making decisions. In addition, you can spend money to buy more moves. But that won’t be very feasible, because, after each purchase, the amount will gradually increase. The best way is to play again and save that money to open new ropes.Download Tangle Master 3D Mod

Unlock cords and buttons

Each level when debugged, the player will receive a bonus. Then Tangle Master 3D Mod will be based on the achievements you have achieved to give the corresponding amount. Using that money, the player can unlock many different species of ropes. So you use your thinking logically, to quickly debug and achieve the highest achievement. Each type of wire will have a separate color. For example, blue, red, purple, yellow, pink, brown, black, etc. Besides, you can unlock many new buttons. They are very diverse with many different shapes. Include animals, flowers, or diamonds. The locking buttons are responsible for locking the ropes, after moving they will lock the rope.Game Tangle Master 3D Mod

Many interesting challenges

To give players new experiences and not get bored after a while. Tangle Master 3D Mod provides 14 challenges with hundreds of different levels. Give players the freedom to explore and enjoy the excitement after debugging. Each challenge is a different difficulty level. This means that the strings will be arranged very difficult to untangle. So going through each game screen, you will have to draw a lot of experience. And hone more skills to remove, so that you can continue to pass the following levels. The higher the difficulty of the game, the higher the player will receive the bonus. So think and calculate in detail, to make the most accurate decision.Tai Tangle Master 3D Mod

In addition, Tangle Master 3D Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Image quality is well-groomed, with bright colors. Unique interface and interesting gameplay. It will help you increase your brain’s thinking ability, as well as train your observation ability. The shape of the ropes is extremely realistic, giving you a fascinating experience. Combined with quality sound, expressed through fun and exciting background music. Make players more excited to participate.

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