Talion APK 4.4.00
Talion APK 4.4.00

Talion APK 4.4.00

By BQH - January 4, 2022
Name Talion
Version 4.2.10
Size 99MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher GAMEVIL
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

The magical world has always attracted special attention from game makers. Because it is suitable for staging epic and spectacular battles. Talion is a prime example of this. Set in a world extremely chaotic by the dark lord appeared. Following that, tens of thousands of monsters rose up to riot all over the world, trying to take away everything from humanity. Life on earth seems to be shrinking. Join the gameplay, you will play the role of a mighty warrior, possessing magical powers. Ready to engage in a brutal war. Do not allow the monsters to roam freely, wreaking havoc forever. Be equipped with modern weapons, solid protective gear. Immediately set out to carry out this noble task. Entering the game screen means standing between the boundary of life and death. Because the enemy is very numerous, fierce, terribly strong. Moreover, deadly traps are always around, lurking around, taking your life at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate highly, observe carefully to avoid danger in time. Know how to take advantage of opportunities to attack the enemy, launching a fatal blow to the weak point. Make them fall quickly without consuming too much strength. Destroy everything that affects your life.

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The first thing that anyone participating in Talion Mod must do is choose their character. The system will provide players with talented warriors such as Kyle, Assassin, Loli Pell, etc. They all possess incredible strength and an attractive appearance. Choose for yourself a suitable and favorite character to help fight the best. Gameplay has a fairly simple control mechanism, so the operations are not too complicated. Players just need to touch the skill button on the screen. The character will automatically launch powerful moves to defeat the enemy. Remember that the enemy can also make you lose your life at any time with powerful damage. Therefore, both attack and defend, ensuring your own life. Practice regularly to improve combat skills, promote creativity in fighting. And control the character at will. Avoid the pitfalls on the way, if you don’t want to sacrifice, unfortunately. The adventure journey is still very long, many interesting things are waiting for you to discover. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve the safety of life and survive to the end. Collect precious items that appear during the move. This is a powerful tool to help you fight better, defeating all monsters. Especially with the monstrously strong lord, it wasn’t easy to deal with. Players need to accumulate them a lot to help them become more confident and secure victory.

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Character equipment

Talion Mod gathers dozens of powerful, high-damage combat weapons. For example Sword, spear, bow and arrow, magic staff, etc. Each type has different characteristics and usage. Therefore, it is necessary to practice regularly with all to exploit their full power. Help fight to the highest efficiency. In addition, the system will provide items to protect the character’s body and improve survivability. For example Shields, armor, shoes, hats, medicines, etc. Equip yourself with the best things to help destroy the enemy easily. In addition, the player is also free to change the costume. As long as it feels beautiful, relevant, and stands out in every moment.

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Various missions

Talion Mod brings players from surprise to surprise with an interesting series of quests. Just fight but at the same time participate in other activities and events such as Boss fight, PvP, PvE, etc. Make your experience always fresh. After completing will be moved to more difficult levels, unlocking new locations. Monsters appear denser and denser, extremely dangerous. Requires warrior strength to be upgraded, capable of destroying all enemies. Therefore, after each game screen, the system automatically levels up the character, improves the damage index, withstand, etc. And receive valuable rewards, attractive gifts. Keeps you motivated to try to complete the assigned tasks.

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Quality graphics

The publisher is especially interested in the graphics of Talion Mod. Carefully designed with 3D configuration helps players see the landscape from all angles. Every detail, meticulous construction image is clearly shown. Dark tones are the main contributors to making the space of the magic world more magnificent and mysterious. Rich battle locations, many beautiful scenes for you to enjoy. Impressive, hot, and beautiful character creation stimulates the excitement of players. The diverse and clear sounds of all different monsters, the sound of weapons clashing, etc. Exciting, epic background music.

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Talion has a familiar fighting style, many outstanding features that other games of the same genre do not have. Players are formed logical thinking, sharp reflexes when constantly handling unexpected situations. And participate in competitive PvP matches with experienced gamers. Having the opportunity to show off and affirm his peak fighting talent. Download Talion Mod uses a special power to destroy all monsters, complete a noble mission.

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