Tales of Luminaria Mod APK 1.0.9 (Unlocked)
Tales of Luminaria Mod APK 1.0.9 (Unlocked)

Tales of Luminaria Mod APK 1.0.9 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - November 26, 2021
Name Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Version 1.0.6
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 94MB
Requires Android 8.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Update November 26, 2021 (4 days ago )

Tales of Luminaria Mod belongs to the role-playing game genre. Set in a fantasy world. The game is designed in Anime style. Create cartoon characters. Open up a living space about battles. Join the game, you will experience many unique features. Not only the graphics but also discover the stories of the characters. As well as the battles that take place are extremely attractive. In particular, the developer builds the game based on role-playing, action, and adventure elements. Takes you to the battles between two powers, the federation and the empire. At the same time, through the online battle. You will be accompanied or become an enemy of other players. Compete with your character’s strengths and skills in dramatic battles.

Download Tales of Luminaria Mod – Adventure in a Fantasy World

Tales of Luminaria Mod opens a fantasy world, in a mystical space. Here, the prosperity of the world is built on Mana. A giant life form, formed by protozoa. Beyond human understanding and intelligence. However, the two forces Federation and Empire had opposite thoughts. Creating contradictions, causing wars to open. The Federation upholds peace, wants to live together with nature. Treat Primordial creatures as sacred creatures. Want to protect the mascots and live together. But the Empire considers summoned beasts to be an abundant source of energy. Help them develop modern civilization and technology. The contradiction between the two forces of thought and ideal has been pushed to the climax. They have opened battles to prove their judgment right.Tai Tales of Luminaria Mod

21 heroes, unique fighting style

Tales of Luminaria Mod game offers 21 characters. They are all heroes, possessing outstanding fighting abilities. Bring in your own power, with unique skills. Each hero has their own purpose, they will follow the path they choose. Along with that, the strength of each hero will be discovered during the battle. Their strength and skills are based on the type of weapon used. For example, heroes using swords can attack with fast slashes. Heroes use bows and arrows, with the advantage of attacking from a distance. Can deal massive damage to enemies. Each hero has its own fighting style. You need to find out the capabilities of each person. Simultaneously develop their strength throughout the adventure. To be able to fight strong enemies and go further.Tales of Luminaria Mod APK

Fight with other heroes, beasts

Play as a hero to start the adventure. With a mission to survive in a world full of dangers. In Tales of Luminaria Mod, you do not have to fight alone. There will be a chance to meet other heroes. Can form a group and fight together. Perform difficult missions, destroy enemies that appear. Overcome the challenges to complete the mission excellently. Your enemies in the adventure are primitive beasts. There may be some species such as rabbits, wolves, bees, wild boars, etc., and many more. Especially in some battles. You will have to face giant beasts. They possess a larger amount of health than normal beasts. Along with superior combat power. Make you have to constantly use new skills to be able to defeat.Tales of Luminaria Mod

Gameplay in the style of overcoming obstacles

The gameplay of Tales of Luminaria Mod takes place in a transcendental style. Each adventure unfolds a lot of different chapters. Each chapter appears primeval beasts. They will rush to attack to stop you. If you lose focus, it may cost your life. Use fighting skills and attack the beasts. Defeat them to keep moving forward. Also, collect gold coins and items that appear on the ground. They are dropped from the beasts you defeat. Pass the chapters in turn, ending the adventure. You will complete the quest to continue on to new adventures.Download Tales of Luminaria Mod

As said earlier, Tales of Luminaria Mod is designed in Anime RPG style. With vivid 3D image quality. The environment and natural landscape are very realistic. Along with the creation of heroes in the Japanese cartoon style. Combined with unique skill effects. Shown through the adventure, every time the hero attacks. In addition, the sound quality of the game is also very impressive. Background music is played throughout the adventures. In particular, the sound becomes more vibrant every time the battle is pushed to the climax. Combined with the dialogue of the heroes.

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