Tag Team Karate Fighting Game APK 2.7.1
Tag Team Karate Fighting Game APK 2.7.1

Tag Team Karate Fighting Game APK 2.7.1

By CBCC - November 30, 2021
Name Tag Team Karate Fighting Game
Version 2.6.9
Size 80MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Fighting Arena
Update November 30, 2021 (3 days ago )

Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod is an action fighting game. Open up dramatic martial arts competitions between martial artists. The game is designed based on inspiration from the martial art of Karate. With the competition rules of the battles are built based on reality. However, the gameplay of the game has been changed. The matches take place in the style of team Karate. With the participation of 4 boxers in a match. Promising to bring players the ultimate Karate matches. Along with interesting features only in this fighting game. From the game mode, diverse martial artists, come from many different sects. Bring the typical fighting style of each martial art. Especially, this is an offline game. All features in the game can be experienced for free, no need to pay.

Download Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod – Join Team Karate Battles

Recruit fighters to assemble a team of 2. Participate in the matches of Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod. Compete with the opposing team using the individual skills of each boxer. Each match takes place on a large playing field. Surrounded by stands, with the watching of martial arts enthusiasts. The fight between the boxers took place extremely dramatically. Through martial arts attacks. Each match lasts until the boxers of either team are completely defeated. There is no strength left to continue playing. After the referee’s whistle blows, the game will end. If you want to win the team Karate match. The boxers of your team must defeat the boxers of the opposing team. As long as one boxer is still standing in the ring, your team will still win. Also, get a bonus.Game Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod

The course of the match

During the tag team karate match of Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod. One by one boxer of the two teams entered the field to compete. The other two boxers will not wait outside, they are always ready to compete. Boxers of both teams will show off their skills with powerful attacks. Deal damage to opponents to make them drain their health. After one boxer is defeated, they will have to leave the field to make room for the other boxer. They will continue to play against their opponents until the match is over. During the competition, the player can change the boxer at will. It is not necessary to wait until a boxer is defeated to change. Depends on your game strategy. The boxer can be changed to match the current match situation.Tai Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod

Martial artists follow many different martial arts

Your opponents in the matches of Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod are very diverse. They are all martial arts masters of many different martial arts. Including Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Can Tho, etc. Each fighter possesses impressive fighting skills. Along with traditional costumes. Or modern streetwear style. They can attack you with specific attacks of each martial art. The ability of each boxer will be shown in the matches. Defeat each opponent in turn to become a Karate master. You will face fighters with superior fighting power. Especially their skills in attacks and defense. If you don’t focus on fighting, you may have to admit defeat.Download Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod

Fair match, flexible skills

The matches in Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod are played fairly. Every boxer before entering the ring has the same ability. Only the difference in the moves, because each person learns a different martial art. Therefore, skill is the main factor that determines the outcome of the match. To be able to win against other martial arts teams. Players need to have a competitive experience. Can be trained and improved through previous matches. Combines observing the opponent’s movements. Accurate judgment to dodge and defend attacks. Also attack quickly with Karate skills. Causes the opponent to consume health.Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod

To recreate the most realistic matches. The developer has used sharp 3D graphics. Make the image quality of Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Mod come to life. Along with impressive combat effects, meticulously polished. With attacks that produce light effects. The martial artist’s movements are flexible, shown in the fights. Or when the boxer defeats the opponent, there will be impressive celebrations. Combines realistic environments, set in a game field. Around the stands is the appearance of the audience cheering enthusiastically. Along with vibrant sound quality, mixed with background music melodies.

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