Sword Master Story Mod APK 5.0.62  (Unlimited Money)
Sword Master Story Mod APK 5.0.62  (Unlimited Money)

Sword Master Story Mod APK 5.0.62 (Unlimited Money)

By BQH - March 13, 2022
Name Sword Master Story
Version 5.0.62
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 97MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Super Planet
Update March 13, 2022 (3 months ago )

Sword Master Story is set in a magical world, gathering heroes with supernatural powers. Besides, there are always bad guys, plotting to annex the whole earth. Making human life fall into chaos and tragedy. Join the gameplay, you will transform into a strong, smart, brave swordsman. As a person who stands up to protect justice, eradicate evil, and bring peaceful life to mankind. Enemies appear everywhere, increasingly raging. They were extremely numerous, brutal, and madly killing countless innocent people. To defeat them all, swordsmen need to team up with powerful goddesses. I Will support, help you complete the task easily. Let’s quickly go, recruit them to accompany us. The character’s luggage includes the sword and modern weapons, body protection equipment. To be ready to engage in a fierce battle of life and death, to suffocation. Take advantage of every opportunity to attack the enemy, observe and detect weaknesses, deliver a critical blow. Making them unable to react, collapsing in a flash. Collect items along the way, they will help you fight better. Pass a lot of levels, have the opportunity to own the ultimate power to destroy the evil, defeat the boss easily.

Download Sword Master Story Mod – Transform into a talented swordsman, protect justice

Sword Master Story Mod has a simple control mechanism that helps you to reach quickly. When you first join, the system will detail the features, rules, and basic gameplay. With only the first level, it was possible to understand everything and get caught up in the fast pace of the battle. Use the virtual keys on the screen to move to where the enemy is. Arrange a reasonable position for each character in accordance with each person’s strengths. At the same time rushing, constantly launching attacks to attack the enemy, seize the opportunity to defeat them quickly. Practice regularly to control heroes masterfully, gain experience. And create many smart fighting styles, clear tactics. Along the way dodge deadly traps. Because just touching them is enough to make the player die immediately. Accumulate a lot of items, help characters heal quickly, Increases attack power and speed. Gameplay owns rich game modes so that you always feel interested and curious. Includes: Dungeon copy, PvP, guild formation, boss fight. Each type will have different challenges and difficulties, spoiled for conquest. After each level, your warrior will go through processes such as Level up, rebirth, Transcendence. To become stronger, capable of conquering the dangerous mission ahead.

Sword Master Story mod apk

Character system

Enemies are constantly growing, players need help from teammates. To complete the mission quickly, survive to the end. Sword Master Story Mod owns about 40 characters, all of which are talented and powerful heroines. Having a beautiful and attractive appearance stimulates players even more. Each warrior has a unique strength, giving you the freedom to create many smart, constantly changing ways. Make the enemy unpredictable, fall into a weak position. Let’s collect them all to make the squad more and more rich and diverse. The system allows players to customize the character’s outfit to express their own personality. Always stand out, be different in battle.

Sword Master Story mod

Exciting quest

Sword Master Story Mod possesses a diverse mission system with hundreds of levels. Let players freely try and conquer. Both fight and at the same time perform side challenges such as: Searching for treasures, collecting items, etc. Try to complete the task of the delivery system to receive huge bonuses. Help to spend on many other things. Specially upgraded strength for the whole team, improving the basic stats of the character’s body. Confidently participate in PvP matches against gamers around the world. This is your chance to shine and show off your top-fighting talent.

Sword Master Story mod

Impressive graphics

For players to have the best experience. The publisher has worked hard to build Sword Master Story Mod on 3D graphics. Every detail and image is shown extremely sharp. The sparkling light effect, beautiful. Large map with many wonderful sceneries for you to freely watch and enjoy. Balance mood after moments of suspense and tension in combat. Create lovely, attractive heroines, stimulating the excitement of players. The sound system is carefully built, helping you to clearly feel every sound in the gameplay. Many legendary songs are used by publishers as background music. In order for players to feel close, familiar, the fighting spirit is higher.

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Sword Master Story brings a new fighting style, giving gamers a new breath. Players will be able to control beautiful girls equally talented. Lead them to conquer all levels to upgrade continuously, possessing the ultimate power. Show off your top-notch fighting skills and intelligence and strategizing. Download Sword Master Story Mod to destroy evil factions and become a legendary hero.

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