Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod APK 1.16.2 (Menu, Easy Game)
Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod APK 1.16.2 (Menu, Easy Game)

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod APK 1.16.2 (Menu, Easy Game)

By CBCC - January 20, 2022
Name Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Version 1.16.2
MOD Features Menu, Easy Game
Size 151MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Wildlife Studios
Update January 20, 2022 (7 days ago )

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod is a game genre that takes the plot of the werewolf game that is very familiar to us. An extremely fun game to play with your friends. The real-life fairy game has now been published by the game maker in a mobile version. You can play with your friends anytime, anywhere without having to meet face to face. This game brings a lot of emotional elements to the players involved. Since all players could be murder suspects, it would be hard to trust anyone in this game. You will experience the feeling of having to work hard to prove you are not the killer when everyone is referring to you. Or when you are the killer, you will also have to convince people to believe in order to continue the mission. If you vote for the wrong person,

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod – Tracing Suspects

The game takes the plot of a western folk game. In this game, you will not believe the words of the participants, when anyone can become a suspect. These words can be lies of assassins or they can be true of civilians. The game appreciates the conviction of everyone in you. If you can convince people well then you will easily play this game at its best. Although it is disappointing to feel feelings towards my friends that have proven so much through words. But it’s all just a game and you’ll have a lot of fun. Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod depicts this game but in a different context. You will join 8 other people in a mansion with a lot of objects. Basically, keep the plot gameplay of werewolves, The only difference is that you are playing online on your phone. You can also talk to friends directly through the game’s mic speaker system.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod

The game begins

As mentioned in the title above, this is an extremely interesting game that brings a lot of emotional elements to you. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod you will join your friends or other players until the number is 9 people. At the beginning of the game, every player is taken to a mansion full of mysteries. Unlike the popular similar game Among Us, the setting of this game is different. Each player’s character has a different shape, you can completely customize it to your liking. People will come to this mansion to find clues and bring them to light. But the killer was also mixed in among these players. This brings a lot of doubts to the players involved. The killer will kill others in many ways such as using electricity, poison, etc. Through each investigation, every survivor will vote to see who the killer is. The person who is voted will be killed, if it is true, we will win, if not, the killer will kill them all in turn.

Tai Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod brings a set of beautiful graphics with many attractive character details to players. The game is made under 2D graphics, giving us a smooth experience. The game color gamut is quite murky, showing the danger lurking everywhere on the map. But the characters are made with very bright colors, to create a highlight in the game. The characters are designed in a very diverse way with a full range of different styles for you to choose from. Along with the sound system that brings gloomy noises everywhere will make you play the game in the most authentic way. A game that perfectly combines graphics and sound to give you and your loved ones the best experience.

Game Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod

You will get a lot of useful features when you join through the game Mod version of Suspects: Mystery Mansion. When your unsub is becoming skillful in killing the expedition team one by one. It’s hard to spot the real killer when everyone becomes too good to prove. The features of the Game Mod version will help you find the suspect as quickly as possible. You will see the suspect as soon as this game starts, along your flashlight system will reach the maximum level. You will also become invisible when selected as the assassin in the team.

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