Supermarket Village MOD APK 0.9.6 (Free Upgrade)
Supermarket Village MOD APK 0.9.6 (Free Upgrade)

Supermarket Village MOD APK 0.9.6 (Free Upgrade)

By naomi988 - July 27, 2022
Name Supermarket Village
Version 0.9.6
MOD Features Free Upgrade
Size 148M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Codigames
Genre ,
Update July 27, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Supermarket Village MOD game gives players the job of running the farm. Here you will experience challenges with many different fields. From there you can build the farm and expand it.

Description of the game Supermarket Village MOD

With Supermarket Village, players can build their own farm, raise cattle and poultry. Besides, it is also possible to grow crops, harvest agricultural products and cook there. Similarities with games Merge Gardens, Beauty Empire, DesignVille.

At the same time, you can also open a supermarket in the city and become a manager. This is a place for you to sell products produced by your own farm. Help surrounding residents always use fresh organic products. From there, earn for yourself some income, expand the business scale and become successful.

Unique points in the game

Potential rural market

Cultivate and harvest fruit trees to provide food for the surrounding population, along with food for livestock. They will also be put to use to create different products for your guests. In addition, raise the value of goods and services at your supermarket.

Establish factories to serve the production and processing of food. And of course online orders will also become a huge source of income for you. With such amount of work, you alone will not be able to complete it, so hiring staff is extremely necessary in Supermarket Village.

Build a village in your own style

A newly discovered village will indeed offer enormous economic potential. Develop your town, build new buildings and farming areas that will make your village more prosperous. Factories such as meat production, water production or baking, etc. will become an important source of food to meet people’s needs.

Once your brand has gained a foothold locally, success and profits will come to you. Don’t wait but quickly bring your brand to new heights, even reaching out to the whole world with Supermarket Village.

Building a business strategy

Depending on the needs of the local population you need to have a separate strategy. When the demand for wheat and corn increases, you should focus on producing them. When the demand cools down, convert them into other more suitable products. Key products such as milk, meat and eggs need to be produced a lot according to the needs of the people. Only then will your supermarket be profitable and survive. This plan will make your village an increasingly successful and happy place.

Business Management

Your trading should be further developed by using new techniques. In the 4.0 era, online shopping is an obvious thing for every business store. As a manager, you need to fulfill all the relevant needs of your customers, take orders from them and fulfill them. The more customers know about you, the better your supermarket and village will be. Infrastructure is a top concern to increase value and expand the business area. Then use your profits and make your supermarket the most famous.

FAQs about Supermarket Village MOD

Is the game easy to play?

In general, the game is quite easy to play, the operations inside the game are programmed simply. Anyone can experience it easily.

Does Supermarket Village MOD have a download fee?

Supermarket Village MOD is a game provided by the LMHMOD website for free for users. So you can freely download and experience this extremely interesting game without worrying about the cost.

Is the game safe for mobile?

Supermarket Village MOD is absolutely safe for users’ devices. This game has easily passed the safety tests for mobile devices given by LMHMOD. You can be completely safe in this regard.

Download Supermarket Village MOD game for Android

If you are a lover of farming and business, Supermarket Village MOD will become the game of your choice. A game that easily completes the task at the same time does not require too strong machine configuration. In it, players will have to come up with strategies to be able to manage their own supermarket. At the same time, you can also use the profits for necessary things. Download the MOD version game now at LMHMOD to experience it right away.

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