Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13696 (Unlimited Money)
Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13696 (Unlimited Money)

Super Mecha Champions Mod APK 1.0.13696 (Unlimited Money)

By BQH - April 27, 2022
Name Super Mecha Champions
Version 1.0.13696
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.3+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher NetEase Games
Update April 27, 2022 (1 month ago )

Super Mecha Champions takes you into the battlefield with futuristic machines. At the beginning of the match, the player will be equipped with an SMG gun and released freely on the plane to the battle site. Here there are up to 99 opponents waiting to take your life and destroy you. Therefore, after landing, you must quickly move to a safe and easy-to-observe corner. Shoot down all enemies in your sights. Always in a fighting stance, high vigilance, careful attention. Because the danger is always lurking around. Note: The circle will start to shrink after a certain amount of time until only 1 person is left alive. Take advantage of every opportunity combined with accurate marksmanship to destroy all opponents. When completing a certain number of missions, the system will automatically unlock the robot to help you fight better. This is a smart tool, Can deal great damage to enemies. Therefore, players no longer have to worry about experienced, strong opponents. Practice regularly to control the character as well as the robot skillfully and skillfully. And improve your aiming skills, create methodical tactics to conquer all levels.

Download Super Mecha Champions Mod – Fight to survive to the end, become the champion

In Super Mecha Champions Mod, players can move within the circle. If you exceed the limit, you will be immediately disqualified from the game. So be very attentive, careful, don’t let this unfortunate thing happen to you. Gameplay has a simple control mechanism that makes it easy for players to access. The screen includes a Joystick lever, function keys. When the enemy appears, adjust the gun direction precisely and touch the fire button. Storm-like bullets will continuously erupt, causing the enemy to collapse in a flash. All operations must be decisive, quick, do not let them detect your position, and promptly dodge. During the move, collect precious items. Helps increase fire rate, improve damage, withstand, etc. Try to destroy as many enemies to accumulate plus points, collect trophies. And enough resources to unlock the robot I want. Take control of it and fight all over the map, destroying all opponents that appear in sight. However, the enemy can also do this, even stronger. So, take advantage of the opportunity when their health is lost a lot, continuously attacking will cause higher damage. After each level, take the robot for maintenance to restore fitness and upgrade strength. Help confidence, ready to conquer the next difficult task. power upgrade. Help confidence, ready to conquer the next difficult task. power upgrade. Help confidence, ready to conquer the next difficult task.

Super Mecha Champions mod apk


You will be overwhelmed by modern machines in the future. When you first join the gameplay, the system will only give you 1 normal gun. However, on the battlefield, the player can collect heavier weapons from the crates. Or take possession of defeated opponents at your hands. Work hard to complete the challenge to have enough resources to unlock more modern guns such as Machine guns, guns, assault rifles, RPG guns, etc. Especially robots help destroy enemies easier. In particular, the system also allows the player to change the costume for it. To become more prominent than ever, making opponents admire and admire.

Super Mecha Champions game mod apk

Fierce battle

Each level has a maximum of 100 players, everyone has the ambition to become a champion. Shows how fierce the competition is. They take advantage of every opportunity to destroy their opponents to survive to the end. This is a playground for the strong, smart-minded, sure in every action. The weak will quickly be eliminated. Therefore, entering this life-and-death battle, you need to be very careful, highly focused, and have quick reflexes. Create methodical tactics, always promptly handle unexpected situations. Dodge enemy bullets, quickly wade upstream, attack, and knock them down in the blink of an eye. Fully exploit the power of the robot, destroy the enemy from a long distance, ensure life safety. Try to survive to the end, enjoy the feeling of glory.

Super Mecha Champions mod


As a shooting game series, Super Mecha Champions Mod is built on 3D graphics. Make it easy for players to observe. The image is clear, the character movements are smooth. Bright colors create a beautiful battle scene. Flashy light effects appear when explosive or lightning-fast bullets, etc. The sound system is carefully built, gunfire changes from far to near. Therefore, you can determine the location of the enemy. Exciting, dramatic background music contributes to making the battle atmosphere more intense and brutal.

Super Mecha Champions mod

Come to Super Mecha Champions to experience a variety of modern combat vehicles. Own your very own powerful robot. Conquer all levels, destroy all opponents. Invite your friends to join to enjoy the feeling of shooting. Helps relieve stress, fatigue, pressure in life. Download Super Mecha Champions Mod to join the fierce arena, shoot down all the opponents, show your marksmanship skills.

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