Storyngton Hall Mod APK 56.0.0 (Unlimited Stars)
Storyngton Hall Mod APK 56.0.0 (Unlimited Stars)

Storyngton Hall Mod APK 56.0.0 (Unlimited Stars)

By CBCC - April 29, 2022
Name Storyngton Hall
Version 56.0.0
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Size 163MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Update April 29, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Storyngton Hall Mod is a puzzle game that takes you to interesting match-3-style puzzles. Your task is to decorate and redesign the mansion of the Recency period. The game revolves around the story of the Green family, with many mysteries waiting for you to discover. You will accompany the members of the Green family, rebuilding this old mansion. A series of jobs such as arranging the furniture inside the room to designing the garden in front of the door. At the same time you have the freedom to be creative, arrange everything in your own way. Besides, you will be entering the puzzle game screen, collecting items to complete the mission.

Download Storyngton Hall Mod – Help the Green Family Restore the Villa

The story of Storyngton Hall Mod revolves around the Green family. They move into a new mansion, built during the Recency era. The Green family has 3 people, each with their own dream. Mr. Green wants to rest and relax with a good night’s sleep. Mrs. Green wanted to make friends with everyone around, so she created beautiful balls. At the same time, she wants her daughter to find someone who loves her dearly. The Green Girl has a hobby of writing romance novels, wishing to find true love. Join the game, your task is to design the rooms according to the preferences of each member of the Green family. At the same time, build a flower garden in front of the door, creating a beautiful backdrop with a splendid villa. Besides, beware of the evil Lady Wroth,Storyngton Hall Mod APK

History of the villa, arrangement of items

The mansion in Storyngton Hall Mod was designed specifically for the kings of the past. Possessing a large area, with many different rooms. Each room is built in a unique style. However, because it was built during the Regency period, it has been degraded. Everything in the villa is no longer as new and beautiful as before. So you will have to do a lot of different work to get it back to how it was before. Arrange items in a reasonable way to suit the needs of each family member. At the same time redesign the garden, plant flowers to create splendid beauty.Tai Storyington Hall Mod

Get the job done by solving match-3 puzzles

The gameplay of Storrington Hall Mod is extremely interesting. To do a certain job, you need to complete the match-3 puzzle level. Entering the game screen, you need to collect enough items to complete the challenge. There are many items for you to collect such as hearts, golden keys, stars, etc. Requires observation and logic, arranged from 3 items with the same shape and color. Optionally arrange them horizontally or vertically. At the same time, you can use assistive tools to complete tasks faster. The difficulty of the game depends on what you want to do. Arrange each piece of furniture in the rooms in turn to create a complete villa.Game Storyington Hall Mod

Expand the area of ​​the villa

In addition to arranging and renovating the villa. Players can expand the area, by building new rooms. At the same time, Storyington Hall Mod allows you to freely design the room in your own style. Decorate the furniture, arrange them in different positions. Depending on your creativity, it is possible to create a whole new room. With impressive visuals and stunning landscapes.

Classic or modern design, improve skills

In the process of restoring the villa to help the Green family. Players can change the designs and freely arrange them. Storyngton Hall Mod has two types of designs for you to choose from, classic and modern. If you love the rustic and simple, you can choose old items. Or redesign the villa in a modern direction, which will make the rooms luxurious and splendid. Besides, improving design skills is a very important thing. After each puzzle level, try to learn new designs.Storyton Hall Mod

Storyngton Hall Mod is developed by the developer using 3D graphics. The objects in the simulated villa are quite realistic. The picture quality is bright, making the player feel excited. What’s more, you get to experience a lot of exciting match-3 puzzle levels. Combined with interesting sounds, expressed through soft, soothing music melodies. As mentioned above, during the work to redesign the villa. Beware of the evil Lady Wroth, he will suddenly appear and destroy everything you are trying to build. In addition, Storrington Hall Mod also has many mysterious stories waiting for you to discover.

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