Stone Giant Mod APK 2.3 (Unlimited Skills)
Stone Giant Mod APK 2.3 (Unlimited Skills)

Stone Giant Mod APK 2.3 (Unlimited Skills)

By CBCC - October 10, 2021
Name Stone Giant
Version 2.3
MOD Features Unlimited Skills
Size 121MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Naxeex Robots
Update October 10, 2021 (5 days ago )

Stone Giant Mod simulates a large city. Play as the main character in the game to start exploring the city. Here, you are free to do what you like. Because the game is designed with expanded gameplay. Choose yourself to be a destroyer of the city. Or become a hero, savior. Every action you take will determine yourself. More specifically, you possess an unusual ability, with great strength. Can transform into a giant stone man. No one can block your way. This will be an attractive game for you to freely explore the city. As well as perform various activities without restrictions. Free to fight, race or do whatever. Transform anytime, anywhere, protect everyone from gangsters. Or become a mafia leader of the city.

Download Stone Giant Mod – Freely Explore the Big City

Go to the vast city in Stone Giant Mod. Players can perform all actions, different activities. Transform into a boy, possessing the power of mutants. You can attack people living in the city. Use weapons in human form to attack the gangsters. Steal cars on the road, participate in races in the city. Besides, you also need to do quests to earn money. Perform tasks as required by the game. Travel to many locations in the city. Successfully completing the task will help you get a lot of bonuses. At the same time, the difficulty of each mission will be increased each time you complete the previous task. More challenging, higher requirements. Requires skill and experience of a mutant to complete.Download Stone Giant Mod

Discover the power of the giant stone man

Possess the ability of a mutant in Stone Giant Mod. With the power of a giant Stoneman, as you transform. Can create powerful punches or powerful kicks. Especially with a large body, hiding many powers of a mutant. At first, you may not know how powerful you are. Discover the power you possess by performing different actions. More than that, your power will make the whole city fear. Any force that wants to attack you can’t hurt you. From the gangsters to the police force. Even equipped with modern weapons, with advanced technology. Nothing can be done against your destructive power.Stone Giant Mod APK

Equip weapons, change appearance

Aside from transforming into a giant stone man. You can explore the city as a normal person. Equip weapons, with modern guns. Like machine guns, revolvers, bazookas, etc., and many more. Also, change the character’s appearance with unique costumes provided by Stone Giant Mod. Choose the right hat to stand out from the crowd in the city. Every item you want to own needs to be unlocked. Use the money earned from the tasks you completed earlier. Choose and buy the most modern weapons, costumes, most impressive hats. Give your character a unique style of dress. Especially capable of strong combat when being able to attack with advanced guns.Stone Giant Mod

Realistic 3D graphics, vivid sound and effects

The graphics of Stone Giant Mod is one of the highlights, helping the game attract many players. Recreate a large city. High-rise buildings, roads, vehicles, and surroundings. Everything is designed very realistically, detailed and thorough. Especially the shape of the giant stone man. With a large appearance, possessing a power that no one can stop. Combined with the effect when the character transforms into a stone man. The stones fly to, automatically combine into different parts to transform. Not only graphics, but the sound quality is also impressively designed. The sound changes flexibly, matching each character’s actions. For example, the sound of gunfire when you fire bullets to attack the gangsters. Or control the car on the road, the engine sound of the car is very realistic.Game Stone Giant Mod

In the process of exploring the city of Stone Giant Mod. There will be many different vehicles for you to control. Steal the cars of passersby to drive them through the city. You can even organize an individual race to show off your driving skills. The game has a lot of vehicles for you to use. Cars with many types such as cars, supercars, pickup trucks, etc. You can even control a helicopter to fly in the sky. Or drive a tank to cross any road without fear of an accident.

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