Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod APK 1.5.7 (GOD MODE, DUMB ENEMY)
Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod APK 1.5.7 (GOD MODE, DUMB ENEMY)

Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod APK 1.5.7 (GOD MODE, DUMB ENEMY)

By thetoan - January 18, 2022
Name Stickman Zombie Shooter
Version 1.5.7
Size 81M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Aurecas
Update January 18, 2022 (1 day ago )

Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod is an endless battle for survival where you have to fight hundreds of zombies. But it has stickman style and classic run-endless gameplay for you to play as a funny warrior. Join it as one of the few survivors left in the world’s coming apocalypse. And you need to fight continuously on the run until you really fall. Zombies and a series of challenging terrain will get you in trouble. But you can find many powerful weapons, upgrade items, and other friends on this battle for survival.

Download Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod – classic action and role-playing game

If you are a fan of survival games and stickman style, this experience is definitely not to be missed. You will start a dangerous but exciting adventure as a black stickman. You have to overcome thousands of kilometers of terrain with hills, forests … and carry out a mission to protect the earth. Before that, a bad guy had released a drug that changed humanity, turning them into zombies. And now, there are only a few survivors left in fear as the apocalypse approaches. So, do you want to be a hero in this never-ending war? If so, start your journey now.


Endless running mechanics and classic survival gameplay

Coming to Stickman Zombie Shooter, players will have action adventures with the “endless running” mechanism that once caused a fever. But this time, instead of running away, you will confront zombies directly to finish them off and save humanity. The control mechanism in the game is relatively simple. You just need to touch the screen and swipe left or right to go backward or forward. At the same time, click the function buttons on the right side of the screen to attack or jump.

On the run, you need to move flexibly to avoid the attack from the zombies. But at the same time, you have to attack them with bare hands, a stick, or a gun of any kind. Each time you kill a zombie, the player will collect a gold coin. Money will help you upgrade your characters and weapons to become stronger in the long battle. So don’t waste your money and use it wisely.


Collect weapons and items

Weapons in the game include sticks, guns, grenades, and more. Regarding guns, it has quite a variety from handguns to rifles… Guns are usually used for direct attack or at medium distances. So is the stick. Meanwhile, grenades are a powerful weapon, can deal extensive damage, and can be used at relatively long distances. But depending on the situation, each weapon will bring different effects to your advantage.

Besides weapons, Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod also integrates many other valuable items such as upgrade stars, gold coins, treasure chests… In particular, players can find a book, which helps reveal parts. of the origin story of zombies. From there, it will help you discover more about the game’s plot and your combat goals.

Upgrading is an important factor

As you know, the challenge will become increasingly difficult with more zombies and more complex terrain. So to go as far, you need to upgrade your fighting ability, either way. You can collect items and weapons along the way or stop at the upgrade station to level up your character. But to do that, you need enough money. So, use the money sensibly to optimize the character’s ability. Or you will use the Mod version here to use unlimited money.


Rich background, simple but vivid images

Images in the game are depicted on a 2D background with stickman style. Even so, the image quality is quite good when still showing each character’s gestures and actions vividly. The character system is not too rich but looks very funny in stickman form. The motion effects in combat are equally fun, making the game experience more user-friendly.

Besides, the game also impresses with the rich context system. It is shown throughout the run, from multi-layered forests to hills, valleys, and many fun scenes. Besides the background scene, the player can also see other objects such as tents, trees, flames, gates … They are the result of the destruction of zombies in the apocalyptic world.


Show your fighting skills to conquer many levels in Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod. You will fight with the spirit of a warrior or a weakling, it is your choice. Make good use of the power of the weapons, items, and money you have to successfully complete the mission. Interesting stories will gradually be revealed as you overcome the difficult stages in the game.

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