Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod Apk 3.0 (Menu Mods, Money, Upgrades)
Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod Apk 3.0 (Menu Mods, Money, Upgrades)

Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod Apk 3.0 (Menu Mods, Money, Upgrades)

By trangha94 - August 17, 2022
Name Stickman Shinobi Fighting
Version 3.0
MOD Features Menu Mods, Money, Upgrades
Size 132.7MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Games, Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher DB RR STUDIO
Genre ,
Update August 17, 2022 (4 weeks ago )
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Readers across the globe have embraced the Naruto series since its release. Although this Manga has ended after 15 years of publication. But its legacy and spiritual significance remains. Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod game creates a Ninja universe. It was inspired by Naruto himself. If you are a hardcore fan of the Stickman series

About Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

About Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

Join the conflicts between many factions in Stickman Shinobi. You will command one of the heroes of the game. Each of them has its own number of strategies. From there, to use in addition to their own special skills. As you enter the higher levels in the game. Also, collect unique character-based special cards. As well as completing the mission successfully. You will be awarded with priceless objects and artifacts. In addition, it is worth noting the extensive customization capabilities of the character. Along with that is the unique music. It can adjust to the selected game hero.

Background in Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

Background in Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

Heroes keep the planet safe in peace. The people of the world greatly respect and revere these heroes. One day, a reactionary force with superhuman abilities seeks to rule the earth. They have caused some negative effects and caused people to fall into despair. You will change into impressive characters in Stickman Shinobi.

You need to use your skills. From there, to fight the reactionaries. Also, assemble the top-notch components of the domination apparatus. Thanks to that, to combine strength. Thereby, becoming an excellent leader. And step by step rescue love by overcoming tragedy.

Some of the main features included in Stickman Shinobi Fighting

In Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod, some of the main features that you can use are:

Interesting move system

Stickman Shinobi Fighting’s movement system can create beautiful fighting scenes. There will be 7 separate moves for each character. Players must know how to use health and mana bars while playing. If your health runs out, like in previous games, you lose. You can perform ninja techniques thanks to the energy bar. Normal attacks like punches and kicks don’t cost any energy.

Many high-quality, high-class combat techniques

Many high-quality, high-class combat techniques

An amount of energy required to use each move. There are five moves in all: Basic attack, defense, fast movement, dart throwing and energy regeneration, Everything is available to all characters. The darts will cost 20 mana with each use. The price of the first special move is 50 mana. While the price of the last special move is 100 energy. The attack power of the moves will definitely be quite high.

Unlimited per match

You need to prepare the power for the top heroes. By attracting famous warriors from all over the world. Use your skills to turn fighters into strong, cohesive teams. The battles take place on a remote island. Or in a large, lush forest.

In addition, you need to avoid going to war with reactionary armies. Until you have enough power and planes to continue the fight. Fierce, large-scale battles occurred. And Stickman Shinobi became an important favorite.

Diverse levels of play

Diverse levels of play

Stickman Shinobi has ten maps and 300 levels. You can explore 10 separate maps. Each map has a unique setting and environment.

There are a total of 300 levels, each of which is different and has a different boss. In this game you will be able to use all your talents. From there, to fight opponents challenging in many different levels.

Realistic, attractive 2D images

Stickman Shinobi Fighting was created by the developer using 2D Chibi images to attract young people, unlike other games of the same genre. The characters in the game do not have the same shape as in the original. However, competitions have not lost their allure. Because publishers place a specific focus on attacks. Along with that are images of special moves. Stickman Shinobi: Ninja Fighting is perfectly playable. Even on obsolete devices thanks to 2D imaging.

Mod feature in Stickman Shinobi Fighting

Stickman Shinobi Fighting has Mod features: Mod Menu, money, upgrade. Thanks to that, it gives you the most attractive and interesting experience when participating in the game.

Some questions about Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

Some questions about Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod

1. What platforms can Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod be played on?

Stickman Shinobi Fighting can be played both on Android and IOS. Therefore, no matter what phone you use, you can easily join this game.

2. Stickman Shinobi Fighting can anyone participate?

Because it’s a strategy game, action. So Stickman Shinobi Fighting is most suitable for audiences from 18 years old. Children are not allowed in this game.

3. Is Stickman Shinobi Fighting difficult to play?

By mastering the rules of the game with a simple and easy-to-operate interface. Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod is considered an easy game. It’s not too difficult to challenge participants.

Download Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod for Android, IOS

Currently, Stickman Shinobi Fighting has a download link included in this post. Please find and try to join the game. In addition, some games of the same genre you can refer to are: Stickman Party , Stickman Legends , Stickman Warriors ,…

Thus, the full information about Stickman Shinobi Fighting Mod has been shared by to readers. Hope you will love the game and try the experience as soon as possible.

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