Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod APK 2.0.2 (Menu, Speed, Money, Skin)
Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod APK 2.0.2 (Menu, Speed, Money, Skin)

Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod APK 2.0.2 (Menu, Speed, Money, Skin)

By CBCC - April 28, 2022
Name Stickman Red boy and Blue girl
Version 2.0.2
MOD Features Menu, Speed, Money, Skin
Size 55MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher ABI Global LTD
Update April 28, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Adventure with Red guy and Blue girl in Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod game. You will enter a vast forest. Role-play as both characters to begin the puzzle quest. Find the way out of the forest. The gameplay of the game takes place according to an attractive storyline. Unlock exciting levels of puzzle games. Promises to bring a fascinating adventure for you to explore. In addition, a wide range of features is provided. ABI Global LTD developer continuously updates weekly challenges. Helps you feel not bored when you have to experience the same challenges. A lot of impressive costumes, when used, will change the appearance of the two characters. Combine fun sound effects, stunning animations.

Download Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod – Adventure in the Labyrinth To Find Your Way Back Home

The story of Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod revolves around two Stickman characters. On a beautiful day, while playing together in the forest. Unfortunately, they got lost in a vast maze. This place hides a lot of deadly traps. They can take the lives of Red boy and Blue girl if accidentally touched. With no other choice, they will have to do the puzzle activity in the maze. Overcome traps and obstacles to leave the forest. Join the game, you will accompany two Stickman characters. Help them overcome scary challenges to return home. An adventure unfolds in multiple locations in the maze. Requires your puzzle-solving skills, careful observation, and calculation. Combined with flexible control for safe passing.Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod

The ability of two Stickman characters

The two Stickman characters in Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod have their own advantages and disadvantages. Reb boy represents the fire, can work flexibly in places with high-temperature conditions. With the advantage of being able to move directly on the terrain with molten water. Besides, the Blue girl represents the source of water, with the ability to make everything cool. Can move through terrain with low-temperature water currents. In the adventure that takes place in the vast maze. Reb and Blue will have to support each other to overcome the obstacles. Use the unique strengths of the two characters to overcome their weaknesses. You are the one directly accompanying them. Therefore, it will have to be coordinated flexibly and calculated. From there will help Red and Blue escape the maze to return home.Download Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod

Levels, collect keys

The adventure in Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod takes place in each level. Each level unfolds in challenging terrain. Along with the appearance of a lot of different obstacles. Your mission is to accompany two Stickman characters to collect their own keys. Then move to the portal scene corresponding to their color. When both stand in front of the gate scene, the quest will be completed. Continue to step to the next level, the difficulty will gradually increase. In the process, you will have to control each character to perform puzzle activities. Through the Swap, button to switch between the Red boy character to the Blue girl and vice versa. Combined with control keys designed in the form of arrows. Overcome the obstacles to reach the gate safely.Game Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod

Obstacles, collect gold coins

In the course of adventures at Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod. Two Stickman characters will have to face a lot of different traps and obstacles. Examples include spinning saw blades, sharp arrows, poisonous spiders, etc., and many more. Each trap will have its own solution. Besides overcoming obstacles safely. Sometimes you even have to perform a mission to rescue teammates. They are being held behind fortified bars. Also, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear at various locations in the levels. To be able to collect large amounts of gold coins. You can use a support tool like a magnet. Then will suck all the gold coins every time you move over.Tai Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod

Go through adventures in Stickman Red boy and Blue girl Mod. You also have the opportunity to explore many different Skins. For example, costumes in the style of Naruto, Batman, Iron Man, Ninja, Samurai, Robot, etc. There are many other unique Skins waiting for you to discover. They are all costumes designed based on famous movies. However, to unlock the costumes, you will have to reach the corresponding level. Besides, use the money earned from previous adventures. Various items can be purchased in the store.

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