Starlit Adventures Mod APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money)
Starlit Adventures Mod APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Starlit Adventures Mod APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Starlit Adventures
Version 4.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 97MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Adventure
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Rockhead Games
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Starlit Adventures Mod opens an exciting adventure. Revolving around the story of finding the star of Bo and Kikki. The game is a combination of adventure and action elements. Open up a beautiful world in many different lands. This is a free game, for all ages. The publisher Rockhead Games provides a lot of interesting features. Word graphics are designed in cartoon style. Until the fun sound quality, expressed through the music melodies. Along with a simple control mechanism, fun gameplay. Interspersed with impressive attack actions. Not stopping there, diverse mission system. With lots of different levels of play. As well as the reward received after completion. Valuable treasures, containing a lot of gold coins.

Download Starlit Adventures Mod – Accompany Bo And Kikki To Find The Shining Stars

The background of Starlit Adventures Mod opens in a world of light. This place is illuminated by twinkling stars in the vast sky. Along with the appearance of creatures of light. Every creature has a bright star overhead. Create a beautiful space. One day, Nuru appeared, a monster representing darkness. He has robbed the shining stars of this beautiful land. Put the world in darkness. Bo and Kikki are two creatures living in the land of light. Now, they decide to go together to start the journey to find the star. Join the game, you will accompany Bo and Kikki. Enter the challenging adventure. Help them get back the shining stars that were stolen by Nuru.Starlit Adventures Mod

Gameplay, missions, overcoming challenges

The gameplay of Starlit Adventures Mod takes place in an exploration style. With the map in the direction of scrolling to the bottom. Your mission is to accompany Bob and Kikki. Help them find their way through the obstacles. Move down to the last location of the map. Then complete the quest to find the stolen star. During the adventure. You will face countless challenges and obstacles. Rocks blocked the way, blocks of earth blocked the way. Especially the appearance of dangerous creatures. To be able to pass and successfully proceed to the end of the map. You need to destroy the earth’s blocks. Push the rocks to another location. Simultaneously jump precisely at the moving creature. Make them defeated to continue the adventure.Download Starlit Adventures Mod

64 levels of play, 8 different environments

More than 64 levels play in 8 different environments. Each level of Starlit Adventures Mod opens in a separate environment. Requires player skill. Observe the topography of the map, the location of obstacles, and the movement of creatures. Perform actions precisely and flexibly. Open up new paths to continue the adventure. Pass each challenge in turn in a level. You will complete the mission to continue to the next level. At the same time, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. The terrain is more difficult than before, more obstacles in the way appear. Especially the appearance of dangerous creatures. They appear in many different locations, with the purpose of obstructing your movement.Tai Starlit Adventures Mod

Collect gold coins

In the process of finding the star that was stolen in the levels of Starlit Adventures Mod. Besides overcoming obstacles and challenges. You also have to collect the gold coins. They appear on all the routes moving down the map. Even covered by blocks of earth. Gold coins are divided into 3 different types, corresponding to the amount of money you collect. Including each small gold coin when picked up, you will receive 10 coins. Gold coins have a square shape, the average size will receive 50 coins. Large gold coins, rarely appear, after collecting, you will be added, 500 copper. Try to collect as many gold coins as you can. They will be used for many different activities.Game Starlit Adventures Mod

The control system of Starlit Adventures Mod couldn’t be simpler. With 3 virtual control keys, represented as icons. Includes scroll key left, right, and down. Throughout the adventure to find the stars that were stolen by Nuru. You will have to flexibly combine 3 virtual joysticks to perform actions. Moving left and right can also push rock blocks or destroy earth blocks. Likewise, jumping down accurately can also defeat dangerous creatures.

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