Star Traders: Frontiers Mod APK 3.2.47 (Full Version)
Star Traders: Frontiers Mod APK 3.2.47 (Full Version)

Star Traders: Frontiers Mod APK 3.2.47 (Full Version)

By CBCC - June 24, 2022
Name Star Traders: Frontiers
Version 3.2.47
MOD Features Full Game
Size 2055MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Trese Brothers
Update June 24, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Enter the vast space adventure of Star Traders: Frontiers Mod. Play as a captain of a spaceship. Lead your members to participate in battles with many different roles. Fight monsters in space, transport cargo across the stars. Moreover, with the ambition to master outer space. You need to perform many dangerous missions. Suffering from the threat of aliens, with internal strife, with political intrigue. Facing a super space war is inevitable. Prevent the worst from happening as an army general. Accompany the members of the spaceship to fight the aliens.

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The plot of Star Traders: Frontiers Mod is about the exodus of humanity. After the lucky ones survived the epic battle. They left behind the ruins of Galactic Core to board the spaceship. Go beyond the orbit of the earth and start to find new land. Their goal is a star that can live and choose that place as a common home.

After three centuries have passed, thanks to the effort and application of the great law of Shaun. Those lucky survivors have advanced technologically. However, it was economic prosperity that created an internal conflict. They started a super war in space again. At the same time, political competition has led to fierce fighting.

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Move-in space, fight aliens

Star Traders: Frontiers Mod opens a vast universe. Here, you can control your spaceship to move to many different locations. From planets in the galaxy to distant stars. As a captain of a spaceship. You can transport cargo in super war to advance your career. Choose your own path, and find a new start as a base. In such a vast universe, the danger is inevitable.

Not just fighting with other spaceships. Sometimes you even have to fight with aliens and cosmic monsters. Equip the crew members with weapons, bringing them into the dramatic battle. Defeat all those who stand in your way or have bad intentions with your ship. Show the bravery of a captain,

Star Traders Frontiers Mod

26 missions by role

In the vast space adventure, you need to do many jobs to survive in a harsh space. Star Traders: Frontiers Mod has a total of 26 missions for you to perform. Each mission corresponds to a different role. For example, you become a merchant, merchant, pirate. Even become a bounty hunter with the task of tracking targets appearing in the stars. Or fight alien monsters as a general. Each mission has its own gameplay, not just dramatic combat. But you also have to use the tactics and skills of a captain to do a good job. Completing the best way will help you get valuable rewards.

Game Star Traders Frontiers Mod

Recruit new members

The crew of your ship is the main force in the wars. Therefore, you need to focus on developing their skills and strength to be effective in battles. Star Traders: Frontiers Mod possesses a diverse character system. With a lot of powerful members for you to recruit on your ship. Each member has their own health and fighting ability. Their power will be increased every time they reach a new level.

Change appearance, equip members with weapons

Star Traders: Frontiers Mod allows you to change the appearance of each member. For example change eyes, hat, face, outfit, gender. Especially you need to equip weapons to increase their fighting ability. Typical is the Infantry Blade with sharp slashes. Or powerful guns that can do tremendous damage. For example Razor LMG, Snubber, Scout Rifle, and many more. At the same time, weapons can be upgraded to a higher level. Help the ship’s members increase their damage per attack.

Tai Star Traders Frontiers Mod

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Besides equipping weapons and changing members’ appearance. You also have to upgrade the spaceship to be able to operate better during the move. Star Traders: Frontiers Mod offers over 350 upgrades and 45 hulls for you to customize. Select an upgrade and the desired hull. You can change the design of the ship to your own liking. Also, increase the ship’s combat power with powerful fire picks. Control it in the vast universe and uncover many mysteries.

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