Sqube Darkness Mod APK 1.1.3 (No ADS)
Sqube Darkness Mod APK 1.1.3 (No ADS)

Sqube Darkness Mod APK 1.1.3 (No ADS)

By CBCC - April 19, 2022
Name Sqube Darkness
Version 1.1.3
MOD Features No ADS
Size 68MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Unico Studio
Update April 19, 2022 (1 month ago )

Sqube Darkness Mod is a game in the entertainment category. This is a Platformer geometry block game. Unleash an exciting adventure in the dark. Revolving around a square trying to escape the tracking of the eyes. The game is a combination of block geometry and obstacle course. Along with that is a lot of interesting features for you to explore. From flexible gameplay, with two different control methods. From the unique graphics, you will be immersed in a world of black and white geometry. Besides, the game is free of charge. You can experience the game for free. Can explore everything without spending any fee. At the same time, without an Internet connection, it is possible to play in offline mode.

Download Sqube Darkness Mod – Control The Square To Complete The Required Distance

Coming to Sqube Darkness Mod you can choose one of two different control methods. Include touch or use the virtual arrow keyboard. Each control mechanism is implemented in its own style. Depends on your playstyle and style. It is possible to choose a suitable control mechanism to participate in the game. For example, touch, you just need to swipe to move, touch to jump. Or use virtual arrows, need to interact with arrow keys to control. Before starting to participate in the obstacle journey. The system will allow you to choose, and there will be detailed instructions. Helps you get acquainted with the control system, as well as the gameplay. In general, the control mechanism is quite simple. Even a new player can easily get used to it right from the start.Sqube Darkness Mod

Quest System

The mission in Sqube Darkness Mod takes place according to each level of play. Each level opens up an obstacle course adventure. Your task is to control the square to move forward. Complete the required distance, expressed in meters. After completing the level, the player will receive a bonus. The amount of the bonus will correspond to the distance you travel. With each level increasing day by day. After completing each task, control the block to move enough meters. Starting a new level, the difficulty will increase. You will face many different challenges. The number of obstacles will be more than the previous levels. At the same time, the distance needed to travel is longer. However, in parallel with the difficult challenge, the reward received is also more.Game Sqube Darkness Mod

The eye and the obstacles

During the races of each level play in Sqube Darkness Mod. Eyes appeared in the air. They move along a fixed path, with the ability to observe a wide area. As soon as an unusual movement is detected. The eyes will fire bullets to attack. To avoid the tracking of eyes. You can pass the light coming down from each eye. Before the light hits, quickly hide close to the surrounding terrain. That will distract the eye to escape the tracking. Not stopping there, you also have to overcome many other dangerous obstacles. Examples include spike traps, molten lava, and spikes. They appear throughout the course of the game at each level.Download Sqube Darkness Mod

Boosters, upgrade stats

Conquer the obstacles, overcome the tracking of the eyes. Complete the levels of Sqube Darkness Mod. Receive bonuses corresponding to the achieved achievements. They can then be used for many different activities. Unlock boosters for better efficiency in the next levels. Or use coins to raise the power stats of the square. Includes movement speed, high jump, and faster. However, you need to be careful every time you upgrade. The amount to upgrade next time will be more than before. But the effect that square blocks bring will be better. Upgrade each stat in turn, developing the cube’s maximum strength. Combine with your control skills. Can easily overcome obstacles and eyes.Ear Sqube Darkness Mod

The graphics of Sqube Darkness Mod are quite simple. Recreate a geometric world with a combination of black and white. Everything happens in a dark space. From the obstacles, the shape of the square, to the eye. However, this is also the highlight of the game. Although there is no vivid image quality like other obstacle games. Because the developer focuses mainly on the gameplay. Requires your skills to conquer difficult challenges. Besides, the sound effect is low, gloomy. With creepy music melodies, mixed with the sound of moving squares.

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